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101608 Cynthia’s Fitness Diary

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:21pm

Wow, we are half way through the 30 Days To Better Fitness challenge already!  This has been a month of hardcore workouts with more that its fair share of soreness.  I’ve been about crippled for the last week and a half, but it’s been great.  It’s been rewarding because I’m thinner than I was.  Granted, I only had about 20 pounds of fat I wanted to get rid of, but it’s actually easier to lose weight when you have more weight to lose than it is when you have less weight to lose.  When you’re close to your weight set point like that, it’s tough to convince the body to part with its goodies.  The scale has not changed at all because I’ve been packing on muscles, but all my clothes fit better because all that new muscles is consumming what?  Fat!

I haven’t changed my diet except to stop drinking Dr. Pepper, but I still have 1 can of Jones Berry Lemonade soda every day.  My diet has always been pretty quality, especially compared to the average bear (person).  When I’d get dressed and do the requisite turning around to make sure my ass view looked okay, I’d see little rolls on my mid back.  Those are going away and I don’t have any slop on the sides of my pants when I button them up.  So, great progress is definitely being made, though at times I’ve had to fight with myself for being a smidgey bit disappointed it didn’t just all fall off after one workout haha.

Oddly, I still wear the same size pants too for now too.  They just look better and feel better and - like I said - the side slop is gone.

I was supposed to work legs, shoulders and abs last night, but I was so utterly fatigued from Monday and Tuesday’s workouts that all I could think about was sleeping.  I kept trying to lay down every 30 minutes or so.  I didn’t want to over-train, especially on a school night when I have to get up early for tax class the next morning.  Tax class is important too and I need to be able to focus when I’m there.  I was just too tore up, so I thought it prudent to take the night off in my workouts.

It turned out to be a wise move because I woke up this morning feeling much, much better.  I think I just needed a night to heal.  My chest was so sore from Monday and my back was aching from Tuesday’s back workout.

I got cramps yesterday and today.  My period was supposed to start today, but it hasn’t so far.  Maybe it’ll be here in the morning.

I went ahead and did part of a workout tonight when I felt a little better.  Here’s what I did:


GOOD MORNINGS 24.5 lb barbell

1=11, 2=10, 3=10, 4=12, 5=10, 6=10

So all 6 sets were within my rep range which is great because this was my first time doing good mornings.  My form was off for a couple of reps and I can feel the bad form in my back a little.  My hamstrings should be very sore tomorrow and my glutes might be too.  Glutes = ass muscles.

I planned on doing two more leg exercises, plus some shoulders and abs, but since my cramps are back, I’ll have to sit them out.  I normally “mostly” take the week off of workouts during my period, but I try to do a little here and there because it helps ward off cramps at least a little bit.

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