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101408 Cynthia’s Fitness Diary

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:21pm

I was thinking all day that today was leg day, but it turns out it was back, biceps & forearms day.  I was feeling pretty fatigued, slightly headachey, but no cramps like yesterday.  My triceps are mostly stiff, but my chest muscles are very sore.

Here’s an explanation of my codes lol.  My target rep range for each exercise is 8-12 reps and I do 6 sets.  The goal is to be lifting heavy enough that failure occurs within the rep range.  If I fail before the rep range, I need to lighten my weight.  If I fail after the rep range, then I need to lift heavier.  What looks like code is this: 1=10.  The one is set 1 and the 10 is how many reps I did.  You’ll see six of these for each exercise, starting at 1 and ending at 6.

Here’s today’s workout:

BENT OVER BARBELL ROWS (if your back hurts you’re doing it wrong)
1=10, 2=13, 3=13, 4=12, 5=11, 6=10

I used a 24.5 lb barbell.  As you can see, I need to increase my poundage on this exercise, but I’ve just started doing them so I want a week or two to make sure my form is perfect before going heavier so I don’t hurt my back.  These rows hit mostly the mid back muscles.  I noticed some forearm strain.

1=8, 2=8, 3=7, 4=8, 5=8, 6=8

I’m right on at this weight for this exercise.  I used an 24.5 lb barbell.  These rows focus on the upper back muscles and the traps (in your neck) and I could feel some working in my shoulder too.  I noticed some forearm strain in this one too, so since there’s 12 sets between these two exercises and I could feel all in forearm, I’m going to avoid working forearms directly.  They are probably getting enough of a work out just from these two things.

I can tell my back is going to be sore tomorrow because it’s already kind of sore right now.

Now on to biceps:

I used an 8.5 lb dumbbell for both of these exercises and it’s right about on.

1=10, 2=9, 3=7, 4=7, 5=7, 6=7

1=8, 2=7, 3=5, 4=6, 5=6, 6=6

What do you think?  Would you like to see some of these exercises on web cam if I can figure out how to do it?  If so, reply and let me know.

Tomorrow is legs, abs and shoulders.  Woot!

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