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101308 Fitness Diary

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:21pm

I’ve been off for a few days due to my injuries in the fall aggravating my one arthritic hip, but I’m back to it today.  I’m crampy and bloated already, so I think I’ll be calling vision for my people soon, if you get my drift.  I was slightly headachey with mild cramps.  The cramps dissipated after I tucked in to my workout.

Today is chest, triceps and abs:


6 sets of incline bench press with 24.5 lb barbell
Set 1=8 reps, Set 2=8 reps, Set 3=8 reps, Set 4=12 reps, Set 5=10 reps, Set 6=9 reps

6 sets of incline flyes with 5-1/2 lb dumbbells
Set 1=12 reps, Set 2=10 reps, Set 3=12 reps, Set 4=12 reps, Set 5=10 reps, Set 6=10 reps

Blood sugar is starting to deplete here and I feel weak and shaky, like when I do cardio.  Continued on anyway.


6 sets of kickbacks with 8.5 lb dumbbell
Set 1=13 reps, Set 2=13 reps, Set 3=13 reps, Set 4=10 reps, Set 5=11 reps, Set 6=11 reps

By  the end of Set 2, I was too weak and shaky to continue so on my 2 min rest period I mixed up some gluatamine in some tang and sipped between sets, which got me thru the rest of my workout.

Triceps, con’t:

6 sets of lying tricep presses with 8.5 lb dumbbell
Set 1=4 reps, Set 2=4 reps, Set 3=4 reps, Set 4=4 reps, Set 5=4 reps, Set 6=4 reps

My triceps were really fatigued and my elbows were really hurting.  Maybe I should try doing these first next time and see if my elbow pain is less.

Tim brought food home for dinner, so I had to take a break and eat, which means the abs I was going to do next will have to wait until tomorrow.

I’m pretty tore up, though, and have no doubt both my triceps and my chest will be sore.  My tax mid term is tomorrow.

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