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1000 lbs? That's not self love thats self hate.

Posted Mar 22 2010 12:29pm
I recently sat and watched a show about a woman who wanted to be a 1000lbs. My heart broke at this news. She was using her weight to create an online show. She said that people wanted to see her eat. My heart continued to break. Why? This isn't normal. Our society is not normal if we condone obesity as entertainment. Something is not OK with her if she says she wants to be 1000lbs. Her issues are deep. They are emotional and mental and someone should step in before she destroys her life or at least shut her down. We do live in a society where we have free speech but how desensitized are we that this behavior is OK. Full Figured, Curvy, Voluptuous, women never choose to be 1000lbs or to be overweight. Many are comfortable in their own skin to know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. But the huge difference is that there are those that strive for a healthy body. They are active, and love themselves and their health enough to never destroy their bodies with such devastating tactics as weight gain.

I hope this story awakens you to reach deep into your soul and learn to love yourself enough to give yourself a healthier, better life. See who would want to be 1000lbs? No one that is rational. Its not self love it is self hate. This woman does not lover herself, she is damaged and even when we are damaged we can heal. She sadly has not seen the truth behind her tactics and will ultimately set a bad example for her child, and for others. For those that are condoning it shame on you! A Fit Fashionista is a woman who knows that women are beautiful no matter what size, but that health and fitness should take precedence over anything else because it will deliver effective results to boost your body into new fitter and better heights and awaken a better life.
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