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10 Zombie Races To Help You Train for the Zombie Apocalypse

Posted Sep 14 2012 3:45am

I am so glad you are getting gathering supplies and making a plan of action for the impending Zombie Apocalypse ! The CDC gave us some great tips ! But now its time to train! Put our best foot forward and… RUN!

This is not time to get out of breath now! You might need to run, book it out of the house fast! I’m counting on you to keep your loved ones safe! So get out there and let us build up our running endurance.

East Coast to West Coast or somewhere in the middle, there is a Zombie race out there for you. Here are 10 Zombie Races you don’t want to miss!

zombie races

I know, you are questioning me, “Christine, why would we join a zombie race when we want to out-run the zombies?”

Many times, a zombie race is broken up into 3 categories:

  • Those Being Chased by Zombies (that’s us! We need to book it out of there!)
  • The Zombies – are you going to practice being a zombie?
  • The Zombie Killers – hoping to catch up and save the chased runners.

Let’s practice running away from the wanna-be zombies first!

Check out these upcoming races to help save your life!

  1. Zombie Buffet 5K (Phoenix, AZ) – Their motto: Use your legs or lose your brains! You can choose to be one of the Infected and chase down terrified runners and “infect” them by taking their health flags.
  2. Frightening 5K and Haunted Hilly Half Marathon (Bristol, IN) – Be afraid. Be very afraid. Rolling hills await. And don’t think about walking too long or the zombies might catch up. Round out the season with a challenging run to benefit some gentle people with special challenges. The paved courses wind through one of the prettiest areas around.
  3. Organ Trail: An Urban Haunted Adventure (Denver, CO) – On the morning of the Zombie Crawl, join your fellow zombies on the ORGAN Trail. Run, walk, or crawl around downtown Denver in this urban adventure that is part Amazing Race, part Fear Factor, and part Haunted House. Zombie hordes will solve clues in order to identify locations in downtown Denver where they will complete checkpoints. Fun for all and the zombies with the fastest legs and the quickest BRAINS! will take home the cash.
  4. The Devils Chase 6.66 Miler (Salem, MA) – B&S Fitness partnered with Debra Crosby’s Talent Quest TV Show to organize and direct a reenactment of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to give the Devil’s Chase runner’s a little entertainment along the route. ZOMBIES WANTED!!
  5. The Running Dead 5k – Dash and Bash (Council Bluffs, Iowa) – The Running Dead 5k is taking over Westfair Fairgrounds in a unique obstacle course style 5k event you won’t want to miss. Before the race, each registered racer will be given a flag belt with 3 flags attached. Throughout the course of the race, racers will encounter zombies (some may be wondering alone, while others may be “hunting in a pack”) wanting to take your flags. If you lose all your flags before you reach the finish line, you will be considered a “Zombie”

    zombie outbreak response crew


  7. Farm Man Challenge Hellish 6.66mi and Running with The Dead Zombie 5K (Meridian, Idaho) – Just Imagine running full speed through 8 foot corn stalks managing yourself through a corn maze, making sudden turns, encountering “entertaining” personalities and passing your friends and other runners right before you tackle an obstacle. If you think its over, you have only just begun having to press on to hurdle, crouch, and maybe even toss under the next series of obstacles.
  8. Zombie Run (Essex Junction, VT) – Zombie Run is a 5K obstacle fun run for the end of times. But you’re not just running against the clock you are running from flesh-eating, virus-spreading, bloody zombies. Zombie Run is advanced training for the coming Zombie Apocalypse.
  9. Moonshine Mud Run – Run with the Zombies (Trenton, Georgia) – Think you can outrun the Zombie Apocalypse?
  10. Dawn of the Dead Dash (Portland, OR) – Hunt or Be Hunted…
  11. Mud Dog Run – Zombie Edition – This 5K course will still have over 16 obstacles ranging from mud pits, cargo nets, climbing walls and other grueling obstacles to have fun running though and over.

Will you be ready to outrun the Zombies in the Zombie Apocalypse??

preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

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More Great Zombie Races: You can track down more great Zombie Races on (complete with an interactive map).

Note: Zombie Apocalypse for entertainment purposes only.
(Images: and via , and tweet by The Morning Fresh )

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