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$10 Worth of Vanity

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:39am
Somewhere in my travels on Monday, I became separated from my drivers license. Thankfully, it was after my check in at PVD on my way home. At some point Tuesday, I realized that it was gone.

What to do, what to do. I called the airport and got a hold of TSA. Sorry, not in the log. Called Southwest. We're too busy to return your call. (So much for that legendary customer service.) Checked every pocket of everything I wore on Monday. Twice. Cleaned my car, too. Then, Deb did it all over for me, just to be sure. Although I did find my lost ATM card (since replaced), no Maryland drivers license was to be found.

According to the DMV website, a replacement would require all the documentation that a new license does -- two proofs of identity, two proofs of residency. What a pain!

This afternoon, I trudged to the DMV office just before closing and waited in the 40 minute line. Finally, I was called to desk #2.

The clerk was very kind. First she asked for ID -- just one of the five that I brought, just in case, apparently. Then she started to type and type and type. Finally, she asked me to turn to face the camera. I was surprised -- thinking that they'd use the picture on file from my renewal a year ago. After the picture, she had me confirm more info. I asked about changing my weight. Not for a reprint, not allowed. (Although I'm certain that no more than three additional keystrokes would be required.) But. . . if I wanted to pay for a renewal, I could change whatever I wanted. Hmmm, twenty bucks vs. thirty. Now, I'm cheap and almost never go for the frills, but I thought there was no way that new face would match that old 345 weight from 14 months ago.

Sure, I'd like to change my weight.

More typing. Finally, "Okay, what is it?" 237. "Wow," she said. Nothing more. Nothing necessary. Probably already broke a few state laws by commenting at all.

Five minutes later and thirty dollars lighter, I walked out with my new license. Had a new picture and my current weight -- 237. A totally unnecessary extra ten bucks, but it looked really, really cool. What's wrong with a little bit of vanity?

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