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10 Websites To Help You Look Younger!

Posted Oct 24 2011 5:59pm

10 Anti-Aging Webites

At BodyPreserver, we are constantly looking for quality information to look young forever. With the mass amounts of fitness sites geared towards looking like a professional bodybuilder, we wanted to highlight a few sites that focus on the necessary tools to regain our youth to live healthy and fit lives. Listed below are 10 anti-aging sites based on their pertinent information to the youth revival movement. Enjoy!

1 -RealAge

There is a reason RealAge has over 100,000 daily visitors as it is dedicated to keeping your "Real Age", not your chronological age, as young as possible. Headed by T.V. Host 'Dr. Oz' and multiple other medical professionals in all areas of health, they have developed a new age test which gives your bodies real age. Also, with all of their staffs professional experience, you will receive constant expert advice on many ways of keeping the body looking and feeling youthful.


2 - Blue Zones

We were first introduced to BlueZones when Dan Buettner was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2010, but it was created in 2004 when he collaborated with National Geographic and studied the places in the world where people lived the longest. Its an awesome site that details the findings of his research detailing the major differences in their lifestyles which you can use as a barometer in your everyday life. Also, they have  developed two very interesting tests; a 'True Happiness' test for gauging your happiness and a 'Vitality Compass' to see how long you should live naturally. Albeit a little scary to find out, it will definitely give you an idea of how healthy your environment is for you.


3 - Allure, from the makers of Allure Magazine, has always been designated to keeping up with latest trends in beauty and style to keep you looking ahead of the times. Therefore, their website continues that tradition by giving expert advice on skin and hair health which is a top priority for looking youthful and exuberant. Though it appears to be catered to only women, there is a lot of pertinent information that can be taken for men as well.


4 - Beauty-Secrets 4U

Beauty-Secrets 4U may not have the flashy look of other sites, but it provides anti-aging tips from a variety of angles; whether it is tips to make your eyes look younger or foods that help our bodies age gracefully, the youthful looking 55 year old Elaine Woosey practices everything she preaches to keep young.


5 - Fight Aging

Fight Aging has more of a sophisticated feel like it was written for doctors as it actually centered around the medical and scientific ways of increasing longevity as well as healthy aging. They give insight into the causes and preventions of the major medical problems that plague our bodies as we begin to age. If you want to dig deep into the technicalities of the aging process, check it out as they elaborate on many aspects of longevity and health.


6 - Happy Healthy Long Life

Happy Healthy Long Life is another informative site and we like it because it comes from a bit of an obscure angle, as the information is not directly provided by a medical professional, but a 60 year old medical librarian who has spent her entire life researching healthy lifestyle habits. She posts informative articles that she finds related to living a healthy long life from many different sources of diet, lifestyle, and of course the medical field.


7 - Live In The Now

We are big proponents of natural health being the best method for wellness and Live In The Now provides nutritional insights into the world of healthy aging through natural remedies for healthy living. It's loaded with a host of natural health news about foods affects on every aspect of our lives, from sleep to fitness.


8 - Prevention

Prevention is another great healthy living site that provides the latest news and tips on health and fitness. What set them apart was their page devoted to Age-Defying Beauty where there are several tips and tricks on keeping you looking your best. Whether its anti-aging skin, nails, hair, or make-up, there is excellent expert advice help you defy your age!


9 - Forever Looking Good

Call me a sucker for a youthful looking women, but Paula Downie is in her late 40's and still has the face of a 20 year old! Although the site design may look a little bland, there is some enlightening content in there.  If you are looking to empathize with a common and passionate person constantly looking for nutritional or beauty information to keep your youthful look check out this site.


10 - Health Habits

Over 100,000 Twitter followers all cant be wrong as this site is built for a healthy looking body with all the ususal suspects; diet, nutrition, exercise, workouts, etc. But, creator Douglas Robb is a little eccentric with his posts and is often entertaining. If your looking for fitness from an osbscure, but enlightening, point of view then check out Health Habits.


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