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10 Things I Have a Crush On

Posted Sep 18 2013 3:00am

It's been awhile since we've participated, but today I am excited
to join Stasha (@NorthWestMommy) over at The Good Life for
Monday Listicles, a terrifically fun hop.
This week's list:

10 Things I Have a Crush On(in no particular order)
1. Fantasy Football --I know, I was surprised too. (So far I am kicking booty.)
2. Pizza & Lobster...not together--I also have a big ol' crush on green juice , but I have to admit that the a fore mentioned  are naughty favorites 
3. Kris Carr(see "green juice" above)
4. Deirdre R. Hall --gifted writer and treasured friend (you may have heard of her.)
5. My big brother...not in a gross way (eww, what are you thinking!?)--I talk to him several times a week for a half hour or more. He's witty, full of interesting things to say, and crazy smart (or as we say in New England, "Wicked Smaht!")
6. Coffee--physically I can stop anytime I want (really!)
but I am totally emotionally addicted.
7. My phone --I carry it with me throughout the house. What if I miss something?! Is that weird?
8. Twitter--I'm coming to this totally late in the game, but as a girl who hates to watch the news,
this has been a much more fun way to stay in the loop. I feel like I know stuff now!
9. My Fella--totally sexy geek, that's my thang.
10. My Littles--those little boogers can drive me flippin' insane,
but I can't imagine being without them.
Bonus:11. North West Mommy--She may have hinted last week that she'd like to be added to the list, but I would've anyway, cuz she's pretty great :)
That was fun! I'll have to do this more often.
Until next time, Tamar

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