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10 miles: what next?

Posted Mar 25 2013 9:24pm
My good friend Gina came out to our new place on Friday night to log some much-needed girl time... and fitness time! She's also running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (in under two weeks!) and we like to get our asana on together, so we decided to have a "fitness sleepover" with some delicious food wedged in between our workouts.

Friday night we hit up a yoga class and ate some pizza, and Saturday morning we got our butts out on the trail and finished a ten mile training run together! It was promptly followed by scrumptious pancakes and some fresh juice :)

My training schedule only called for 9 miles, but I was feeling peppy and loose thanks to coffee and yoga, and I knew slogging through 10 for the first time would be easier with a friend. I decided to bite the bullet and tag along with Gina for an extra mile.

It was a great run, and while I've been eating non-stop since Saturday afternoon, the other side effects have been minimal- no soreness, no knee pain. Just pride at getting that crazy distance out of the way. I'm planning another 10 mile run for this weekend; this time I'll be going solo. 

And then- POOF! -just like that, my training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler will be complete.

While I've got another big fitness goal on the docket right after race training is over (more on that later this week!), my mind is already wandering to the future of my running hobby. 

At the moment, I definitely feel a little drained by race training. It takes up a ton of time, and the stress on my body doesn't make it any easier. The fact that my knees have started to bother me intermittently makes me think it's time to lay off a little.

Then again, I have a pretty bad track record with saying "this is my last big race for a while." In the afterglow of a race well done, I always end up signing up for my next challenge. I still have no desire to run a marathon, and while I could see myself doing a half marathon under the right circumstances, I certainly won't be training over the hazy, hot, and humid DC summer. I also feel like I should take the summer to adjust to the multitude of changes that will be going on for me, and maybe get reacquainted with the concept of "free time."

For now, the only race I have planned is the 2013 MCM 10K, since I had such a great time running that race in 2012 . Other than that, I'd like to take some leisurely runs a few times a week with Jake , and hopefully build his stamina to a 5K distance, so that we might be able to run a Doggie 5K together someday. 

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