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10 Memorable 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Posted Jul 13 2010 10:01am 1 Comment
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Unique and unforgettable gift ideas for men turning sixty are endless. You can treat the celebrant to a vacation, record heartfelt birthday greetings; present a slide show of pictures or a compilation of videos, surprise him with a short cartoon animation of his life story, give him family tree picture frames, awe him with a personalized magazine or newspaper, make him happy with collectibles from his birth year, give him a good book to read, give him customized shoes,or give him a digital picture frame.

It is so much harder to choose gifts for men compared with finding gifts for women. It can take you almost forever to browse online shops and walk around town in search of wonderful gifts. If you want to give a truly unique and memorable present for your dad or a male relative or family friend who is turning sixty, consider the following one-of-a-kind ideas:

Treat the celebrant to a vacation
Retirees are dying for a relaxing vacation. Treat the celebrant and his wife to a beach resort where they can both unwind, sunbathe, and just listen to the soothing waves of the sea. It does not need to be expensive. If your budget is limited, you can just choose a hotel with a pool and a peaceful relaxing ambiance just to let them get away from the daily routine.

Record heartfelt birthday greetings
Another one of the truly memorable 60th birthday ideas is a recording of birthday greetings. You can ask the celebrant’s family, relatives, and close friends to say some heartfelt greetings and record them on a CD. Play the greetings during the celebration to make his party more meaningful, and give him a copy of the recorded greetings to complete the surprise.

Present a slide show of pictures or a compilation of videos
This makes a truly wonderful present, especially if the celebrant is your dad or brother who is turning sixty. Gather up cute pictures from his childhood, fun photos during his younger years, and emotional pictures of his recent past. Make a slide show of these pictures and show it during the birthday party. If possible, you can also include video clips you have taken as a family, such as his past birthday celebrations, family gatherings, outings, and holidays. Do not forget to give him a DVD copy of the presentation so he can watch his fun-filled celebration whenever he wants to.

Surprise him with a short cartoon animation of his life story
Get really unique and surprise the celebrant with a short cartoon animation of his life story. Do not worry if you know nothing about animation, since professionals can do the job for you. You can get funny or emotional, whatever you think works best for the celebrant. Do not forget to make it short in order to keep the momentum, and yes, it could save you a lot of bucks. Just make sure you do not omit the most important points in his life, such as his wedding, birth of kids, and other memorable events.

Give him family tree picture frames
Another wonderful present you can give your dad, uncle, or friend celebrating his 60th birthday is family tree picture frames. You make the tree of frames yourself or buy a ready-made one at specialty shops. Do not forget to fill the frames with pictures to complete your wonderful present. Whether it is used in a living room or on top of the home office furniture .

Awe him with a personalized magazine or newspaper
There are many shops you can find on the Net and maybe in your neighborhood that make personalized newspapers and magazines. Have the picture of the celebrant printed on the cover page as headlines and add other events that occurred during his birthday or birth year to give him a feeling that he is going back to the past. This gift will make a really memorable keepsake.

Make him happy with collectibles from his birth year
Learn about the celebrant’s collection and surprise him with a 1950s coin collection or 1950s hit book and music. If he has a certain favorite baseball player or athlete from his younger years, you can search for memorabilia of that athlete and present it to him on his special day. You can find signed baseballs, baseball bats, cards, jerseys, and other memorabilia.

Give him a good book to read
A good book to read also makes a wonderful present. The subjects of wonderful books include places to visit for vacation, senior joke books, things to do when retiring, poems, and biographies of remarkable people, his favorite artist, or his favorite band.

Give him customized shoes
Personalized shirts and caps are quite common these days. Probably the most unique present you can give your dad, brother, relative, or friend who is turning sixty is a pair of customized Nike or Converse shoes with his name printed on them and date of birth on the established area. Be sure to know his size and the type of shoes he may want to use, such as walking shoes, rubber shoes, or sneakers. For sure, nobody will give the same unique gift as you.

Give him a digital picture frame
Photo albums are wonderful to keep, but digital pictures frames are great to put in the celebrant’s living room or maybe in his office if he is not retiring yet. Gather pictures from his younger and recent years, as well as photos of his family and friends during parties, gatherings, and even ordinary days.

One-of-a kind gifts can be easy to find. It takes resourcefulness, creativity, and a really sincere heart to find the perfect present.

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