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#10 I can bench press my dog…

Posted Oct 13 2010 10:30am
I decided to mix up my workout routine with some REAL weight training. It’s my least favorite thing to do, I don’t know why. But I also know it’s the best thing for me.
I bought a buywithme coupon to Avalon Fitness in Charlestown . They offer small classes with professional instructors. Classes like Boxing, Spinnings and CrossFit. I’ve never heard of CrossFit so I looked it up. I was blown away! They stress maximum effort, with repetitions, intensity and variability. Go hard, do it often and mix it up! The class was only an hour, and it was timed perfectly.
 I met Logan the instructor and only two other students in the class. We did warm ups: dynamic stretching (stretching while moving, my favorite kind), calf raises and then bench presses! I didn’t think I would be able to lift the 15lb bar, let alone any weights. I do not have a lot of upper body strength. But I surprised myself! Logan said ‘you’re stronger than you think, put on another 10lbs!” And sure enough, each increase got me to bench 75lbs!
After warm-ups we started Circuits:
15 Ring pulls
15 box jumps (i could only use the 1ft jump! the other guy used 2ft!! Yowzah!)
15 ball throws (against the wall, over 10ft mark, 14lb padded medicine ball)
30 single jump rope
150m on rowing machine 
And we had to repeat it 3 times! And timed. I clocked in at 13:08!  I’m always a sucker for good competition!

Padded or Leather Medicine Ball

After that, we hit the ground for 90 sit ups! I squeezed in a couple more just so I can say I did 100 sit ups! On the Ab Mat, which is a curved mat you keep behind your back on the ground to get a fuller range of motion. I put my knees up and feet flat and Logan said “We modify the sit ups. Put your legs butterfly style and have your shoulders go past your feet”
Why you ask? “Because with regular sit ups, you’re using your hip flexors to do most of the work to get you up. This way, it is an ALL abdominal sit up.”

CrossFit Ab Mat

And MAN could I feel a difference! Especially in my lower abs. Which is where i want some more toning.
By the end, I was sore, but not cripled. I gotta be honest, if I wasn’t already working out I don’t know if I could do the whole class without stopping. But I do encourage all levels of experience to try it out! There was another newbie there too! She did great! I’m not into classes where I am so utterly exhausted I can’t even think straight. Which has happened a couple times. Like that boxing class I took somewhere else,  where I could only do 45 minutes of the 2 hours. And I had to sit in the car and wait to stop throwing up and for my hands to stop shaking. Which was my own fault. After not working out for awhile, I thought it would be totally fine to jump back in again. I.Was.Wrong.
I pushed myself hard in last nights class, I’ve really been putting my food under surveillance. HUGE difference. I haven’t been able to tell how my food choices affect my workouts. After experimenting, I found out how and what to eat to make me perform at my best.
9am – greek yogurt with granola and coffee.
12pm – Salad, 1tbsp of dressing, carb (pasta on top/pita bread/OR a can of lentil soup)
2pm – fruit (usually grapes) and a cheese stick/ or pretzels OR veggies and hummus
4pm – Odwalla bar/ Clif bar (something of an energy bar, around 230 cals)
60-80oz of water throughout the day BEFORE I work out.
Workout any time between 6pm-9pm depending on the day
I’ve been trying not to eat a big dinner when I come home between 8-9:30, or some sort of small portion of meat + veggie. Minimal on the carbs. Protein shakes have been SUCH a great alternative! I’m not counting calories, but I’m positive it’s under 2000 for the day. I have FINALLY lost 3 more pounds. Took awhile. I’ve been yo-yoing for months now. Lose 10 gain 12, lose 15 gain 10. Just caused from me not eating healthy consistently. Those weekend fun-times sure do catch up! Do I regret it? Heck no!
I’m actually very comfortable with my diet and workout schedule! I’ve been flexing my ‘resisting temptation’ muscle a lot. And sure enough, it’s getting much easier! I’m not hungry during class, and I certainly stopped throwing up during class. Sorry if that’s TMI for you, but finding the right fueling schedule is very important to me, especially when I keep making myself sick.
I’m no longer consumed by counting calories, making sure my meals are planned out makes life way easier. My days aren’t spent on making sure I have the right percentages of fat to carb to protein ratio.  On the weekends I’m a little more lax. Not planned, just moderation. 
The next morning: My bum is SO sore! My arms and thighs too. I have TKD tonight,  with all those high kicks and kicking drills I hope I can make it. Abs are OK, even though I’m fluffy in that area, it take a LOT for my abs to hurt (thank you kickboxing!).
So, Avalon Fitness in Charlestown is 100% Dez approved. I love love love it and it is exactly what I was looking for!

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