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10 Essential Food and Fitness Habits

Posted Aug 08 2010 10:38pm


1- Cravings are not always psychological - Sometimes we crave things because our body wants a certain nutrient. Take for example a sugar craving, it is probably your body asking for some fruit as it knows on a deep level that it is full of vitamins and minerals. Cravings can also be down to faulty eating habits -- Like being programmed to want dessert after dinner every night, this is up to you to break and choose a better option.

2- Exercising cannot make up for bad eating - You cannot out run or out exercise a bad diet. Something you can eat in 5 bites could have enough calories to take a 40 minute run to burn off….. The video below sais it all.

3- We need calories - Dieting for any prolonged period can take its toll on your body, hair gets dry, mood plummets, we feel cold, sex drive disappears and we just feel bad. The truth is we need sufficient calories to function, basically we need enough food. This will keep our metabolism high and our hormones flowing. I highly recommend this free e-book if you have struggled with adopting this mindset and need more information on amping up your diet.

4- Looking and feeling good is mainly nutrition - Well at least 70-80% nutrition the rest comes from keeping active and having a healthy social life. Poor nutrition can make us feel terrible, the problem is sometimes we do not realise how bad we feel until we start to feel better. Good solid nutrition is the linchpin on which you should base your health…..

5- Strength training is essential - A solid strength training workout every couple of days is enough to capture the benefits. This could be a body weight circuit, plyometrics or some weight training in the gym , it is up to you. Stretching should be the foundation with additional strength training to supplement, stretching can go a long way to improve protein synthesis as well as depleting muscle glycogen and getting rid of fat stores. This combination will increase your metabolism and improve your bone density, plus you will look a lot better…..

6- Movement is essential - The healthiest people are those who move, this doesn’t have to mean sport and regular “exercise” but just moving. Things like walking, biking around or gardening, anything that will get you up and about which will signal your body that you are a healthy active person…..

7- Food is best unprocessed and in its natural state - Think wholefoods rather than a specific style of eating. So long as what you eat is unprocessed and in its original form you cannot go far wrong. Eat more fresh and local produce when you can…..

8- From time to time break the rules - We cannot stick to a perfect diet all the time. In fact it is good to sway from eating “healthy” every now and then firstly for our sanity and secondly because it can also work in boosting leptin and keeping your metabolism healthy. So sometimes just eat whatever you like…..

9- Spend time with people you like - Health and Fitness is not all eating healthy and working out, having a good social life is also hugely important. Surround yourself with people who you like and feel comfortable around.

A good friend is a connection to life – a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world. - Lois Wys

This also counts with family, the stronger the social support network you have the better. This does not always mean quantity, usually it is better to have 1-2 close friends than a pool of distant one’s……

10- Listen to your body - With age I think we all eventually learn to listen to our bodies. You will probably start to pickup on little things that make you feel better, whether it is eating a certain type of food, getting 7 hours sleep or working out at a specific time of day. Just be patient and try to read your bodies signals of what feels right.

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