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10 Days of Real Food

Posted May 27 2013 8:51am

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Hopefully yours wasn't as wet as mine. We decided to pull our trailer out of the campground to put it in storage this year, so Saturday we went to take down the gazebo in order to bring it to our house. Wow! That was a long sentence! Fiew! Anyways... We spent the entire day taking down a gazebo that had been up for 4 years. Must I say that we had a few problems!! We were cold and WET. Our lot was covered in about 3 inches of water and it was pouring out.

Once we arrived home, all we wanted to do was warm up. Brrr... We watched one of the Iron Man movies which got me thinking. Why? Because there was a screen shot of Gwyneth Paltrow. That's why. What does Gwyneth have to do with anything? Well, I recently heard that she was the most disliked female celebrity in Hollywood because of her looks and her lifestyle. People are jealous of her in my opinion. **This is probably the only time that I will give my opinion.** Have you seen her body?? Wow! Yes I know she has a personal trainer and such but it is still possible to get the look you want if you put her mind to it.

So! I Googled Gwyneth's workout plan. After a bit of research and visiting pages that pretty much said the same thing, one clear message came across : keep it simple and natural. Hmm... This brought me to visiting this blog. And all of this brought me to make this decision : I am taking a 10 day pledge to not eat any processed foods. Intrigued? Read on!

10 Days of Real Food Pledge
What is the pledge all about? My cliff note version is : cut out all processed foods from my diet for 10 days.

To eliminate my risk as much as possible to develop a chronic disease later in life, ie: coronary heart disease, diabetes, or cancer.

I am a 36 year old woman with a family history of high blood pressure and cancer. I am not getting younger and I want to be able to enjoy life with my husband once we're retired and I want to enjoy my grand-children; something my mom wasn't able to do. And in the process, I want to tone my body and be proud.

My Expectations
Going through this pledge, I expect to have difficulties cutting out sweets. I am a big chocolate and ice cream lover. I will have trouble cutting this out. On a more positive note, I expect to lose a few pounds in the next 10 days. Not 10 lbs but say 3 lbs.

I will use my blog to document my journey; to share the positive side and the hardships. I will of course continue to share my running progress and my workouts. By the way... the countdown has begun! 6 days left before my first 5k race!!

If you are interested in take the pledge with me, please leave a comment and we can support each other. If you would like to read up more on this topic, please visit 100 Days of Real Food .

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