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10,000 Kettlebell Swings Project – Week #3

Posted Jun 27 2013 10:10pm
tiny kettlebell


Introducing what happens when things don’t go exactly as you planned.  Which is most of the time.

The week started out well.  I backed off on the weight but increased intensity with 12 straight minutes of one-handed swings, switching back and forth at the minute mark (not quite as intense as 6 minutes straight on a side and then one hand switch, but remember that I need to save grip strength for my long days at work).

The sets were challenging and got my heart rate and breathing up, but not impossibly difficult.  I’d say that they were moderate in intensity and a good mental challenge because it’s pretty uncomfortable to do 12 minutes straight of anything that makes you breathe hard.  I wanted to quit somewhere around minute three or four, but I easily made it to twelve with a little brain focus.

And then, the setback.  On Friday, I had a pretty good fall and landed full on my knees (this was not during a kettlebell set…I don’t know how you fall down during a kettlebell workout unless it’s when you collapse from exhaustion at the end).  I also whacked a wall with my face and scraped up my left forearm, giving me a serious tough guy look.  I’ve never had a black eye before.  Bad ass (not really).

Anyhow, at first I was totally thinking I could still do my kettlebell set on Friday afternoon.  What’s a few bruises amongst friends?  But within a few hours, my knees were pretty swollen.  And then they got really stiff and I couldn’t even bend them to stand up and sit down.  Friday was spent with my feet up and ice on my knees.

Saturday rolled around and I felt pretty good in the morning.  I thought I’d be back to kettlebells come Monday, but I quickly noticed that any activity or time on my feet caused my knees to swell some more, which is highly uncomfortable.  It feels like someone strapped bags of fluid to each of my knees.  Not to mention the delicious eggplant-purple color with green tinges I developed.  I’ll refrain from posting a picture.  It’s pretty grotesque.

So, come Monday morning, my gut told me to skip the kettlebell set.  I probably could have done it.  But I was glad I didn’t after going to work and being on my feet all day.  When I got home, my knees felt pretty miserable.  More couch, more ice.

I decided to give my knees a full week to recover.  Knees are important.  While I don’t think I injured the joint in any way, I don’t want to risk long term soft tissue damage.  Light walking, a little ice, I should be good to go by Friday.  Which puts me a full week behind my goal.  I’ll have to either adjust the time or intensity (i.e. increase the reps/workout or go a week longer) to hit my 10,000 kettlebell swings goal.

Oh, well, like I said, setbacks happen.  If you’re living right, you’re going to get bumped and bruised a bit.  You just have to deal with it (intelligently) and move on.

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