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1 Venti Banana-Whip Mocha Oat Bran, Please

Posted Mar 29 2010 12:00am

Kalimera my lovely readers! I can’t quite believe I’m writing this at 8 in the morning, considering I was up past two and before six to finish a massive essay due this morning. The moment I finished it with that final staple (my favorite part of essay-writing) I popped over to the blog to relax with yet ~more~ writing before my morning classes. Pretty crazy ^~

So how were your weekends? I’m going to be catching up with them as I find the time to read through your blogs :) I hope they were great! I’m sorry that I was too busy to write here, hopefully my weekends will calm down as I get out of final-exam mode.

  • Did you try anything new for Something-new Sunday? If so, what was it? If you blogged about it link me to it via comment, I’d love to see (and probably try myself, later, haha)
  • Did you participate in Earth Hour? I kind of did, but it totally didn’t count – I just made sure everything was ‘off’ before I headed out for the night. Fail ^~

I had a delicious weekend of eats this weekend. Actually, it was just generally pretty amazing > Andrew was here! When we aren’t together I feel this crushing, lonely weight. It’s always in the back of my mind and it’s so intense that if I dwell on it for too long I literally break down :S Long-distance is hard. When we’re together though, ugh, it’s really special and it reminds me of just how worth it our miserable setup is. We only get to see each other every other weekend or so, so that time is magical for me. We’ve been dating for over years now, but I still have the most , heart-racing, blush-inducing crush on that boy ^~ I can’t help it, he’s so cute.

…Plus he’s a very patient/useful shopper. We went to Yorkville (uhoh) where I bought two cardi’s and a dress at Anthropologie. It’s very difficult not to go a little overboard when you combine modeling summer clothes for the boyfriend and, well, just Anthropologie itself. He helped me talk myself into all of my purchases and then took me to Whole Foods to stock up on my new obsession, Cliff Bars:

Cliff Bars, my new favorite favorite snack <3 and some much-needed body lotion

I’m delighted with the lotion. I knew that I wanted something that used almond milk or almond oil, but this stuff went over and beyond what I was hoping for. It’s called “Yummy Almond Body Lotion” and I found out why straightaway – it smelled like Amaretto! Importantly it also went on creamily and absorbed well into my skin. It’s made from a company called “ Ella’s Botanicals. ” The owner, Ella, makes all of her products with completely natural ingredients out of her own home here in Canada. I’m a huge fan of small organic businesses so it was a doubly enjoyable purchase. I’d buy a full range of products in this scent if it was available, but I’ll have to do with just the lotion for now.

Andrew and I also spent some time going to the Toyota car dealership. I’m in the process of and I’m really loving the Prius. Despite their recent issues, the company produces a great end product. I’m also really proud of the way that they admitted to their mistakes, and are working to fix them  - they knowingly took on a huge loss when they publicized the pedal issues. I’ll let you know how the hunt goes as I continue ^^ I’m really excited, For the record, I’d love to get this one:

I think it's a pretty car - cute meets tech - and I love the hybrid element. We'll see!

  • Out of curiosity, what do you drive? What do you look for in a car?
  • What was your first-time car purchasing experience like? I’m a little overwhelmed, but very excited.
  • I would love to hear from Prius owners about their ownership experiences – please don’t be shy to post!! :)

We also watched one of the creepiest, scariest movies I’ve ~ever~ seen:

Not for people who shivered through "Signs"

Oh man readers, this was something else. It’s unique in that it blends ‘real’ footage with film footage with random police cameras, etc. I just about died so many times – there was a lot of eye-hideage. I won’t give it away, but it was creepy enough to have me debating whether or not I was brave enough to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. (I did, but yeah, I totally jogged.)

We also went out to celebrate Andrew’s sisters’ birthday – it’s coming up this week. I am so lucky that she’s my boyfriend’s big-sister. We get along so well and I love our dates to Fresh.

Happy early birthday Danielle!! <3<3<3

On to the foodie-blog portion, here’s an image-heavy highlight reel of some of my weekend eats. They’re pretty breakfast-heavy as I sometimes just skip over lunch (or repeat an oat dish that I couldn’t get enough of). Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. Sometimes, (and you’ll see why in a second) I even look forward to breakfast the night before as I’m falling asleep. There’s foodie-dedication for you ^~ Anyway. On to the oats!

Strawberries, Strawberry Jam and Banana on top of 1/2c Oat Bran & 1c Almond Milk

Peaches & Cream Oats - 1/2c oats with 1c almond milk with a dollop of vanilla yogurt... and a peach, obviously.

Peaches & Cream take 2 - sorry! Sometimes I can't help but repeat <3 this is one of my favorite combinations

Simple Vanilla Oats with Blueberries & Banana - not the most exciting combination, but it was so ~pretty~

Okay. So. Remember what I was saying about being excited for breakfast the night before? Big fail, I know. But seriously this was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. I’m pretty much a genius for this combo, although I’m sure it’s been done before ^~

The Banana Whip Mocha Oat Bran that inspired this post’s title:

Worth getting excited for the night before!! Haha. Look at how coffee-ey the oats are :3

  • 1/2c of Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran
  • 1 heaping tbsp of French Vanilla Nescafe with 1 package Stevia
  • I nuked this for about two minutes (I like my bran slightly ~overcooked~), then added a splash of chocolate almond milk, some bananas and a dollop of PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams. Oh, my goodness. Just look!!

Dark Chocolate Dreams - this was just one of those really.good.ideas.

I repeated this with another coffee flavor, this time omitting the dark chocolate and just using banana. This was good too, but didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor that only comes with something peanut buttery ^~

I love crunchy millet flakes on my oat bran & please observe the pretty coffe-colored bran under there! mm :)

Lunches weren’t quite as exciting. I had lots of salads, like this one:

The standard (kale, SP, avocado, parsley, spinach) that beats anything I would want to buy :3

And then I decided to try one of your comment ideas (thanks Kristin !): hummus in a salad with veggies. Yes, please :3 This was really good! I decided to make a bit of a celebration out of the new idea, so I really put effort into my work lunch. I wanted it to be like opening takeout from a restaurant, and it worked! Lunches should never be lackluster, especially as they’re all that carry you through that midday energy schlumph.

Takeout from the Mediterranean Miss Kitchen ^~

I know raw mushrooms might be a little bit strange to some, but I absolutely love dipping them in hummus! They’re such great carriers and are ‘dull’ enough to let the full flavor of the chickpea shine through.

mushrooms, hummus and lots and lots of fresh kale - I looked forward to this all morning :)

I had the pleasure of sampling two gluten-free baked goods this weekend. I very rarely get to enjoy baking; I don’t have much time to dabble in flours (though I have about six billion, I’ll make a post about my favorite blends sometime soon) and I find a lot of the pre-packaged products somewhat uninspiring. When a coworker turned me on to a bakery nearby that deals in organic (and gluten-free!!) cupcakes, I was so on board. I haven’t had a cupcake in YEARS!! Check out this puppy, a death-by-chocolate wonder that I had to eat in ~two~ sittings, it was so rich:

This was better than the majority of gluten-y cupcakes I've eaten <3 such a sweet treat!!

Dolce woke me up a little early on Saturday morning (~sigh~, kittens) and so I decided to wake Andrew up to the smell of fresh cinnamon bread. I tried a Bob’s Red Mill product and didn’t alter the recipe at all. The bread was slightly denser than what you’ll be used too, and could probably use a little , but it was so nice to be able to enjoy fresh bread <3

Nothing beats the smell of cinnamon raisin bread in the morning - there's hope yet for those of us who are gluten-free, this was beyond acceptable :)

Andrew liked his piece with butter...

...but nut'n budder & banana was definitely the way to go ^~

So this was my weekend!! By the time Something-new Sunday came around I was foodied out, but I decided I wanted to try and cook with curry spices because I’d never done that at home before. I made what I’m calling a “Green” Curry, not because I used that special sauce, but because my stir-fry ended up looking like a forest, haha:

Greening right up at you, "Green" Curry

I really liked cooking with yellow cauliflower, it’s so much more fun than the regular old white and seemed to make this taste “spicier.” Fake-saffron? Haha :3 I used a pre-made spice mix (in a grinder) called “So!Go” Spice. It was really good, I love the bursts of flavor from the cumin. I’d love to try making a “wet” curry sometime soon but (and this is embarrassing) I know that that curry smell (delicious as it is) tends to l inger. I live in a smallish apartment and I don’t want it to smell currytastic all week, so I’ve never made it at home!!

  • Do any of you have this problem with fragrant curries? What do you do to prevent the flavorful aroma from overstaying its welcome?

Have wonderful Mondays, and don’t forget to start thinking about FRIDGESPIRATION from April 1-7! I’m very excited to be hosting my first-ever MM Giveaway :D

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