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1 Rep Max (1RM)| Fitness, Health and Exercise Glossary

Posted Jan 16 2009 7:49am

What is the definition of 1 Rep Max (1RM) and what does it mean?

1 Rep Max Definition

1 Rep Max (also know as One Repetition Maximum or 1RM ) is the standard measure ofmuscular strength. 1 Rep Max measures the maximum amount of weight that a given muscle can move through a complete contraction (eccentric and concentric) one time, with good form.

1 Rep Max is used in weight training to determine maximum strength and as a way to calculate the upper strength limits when developing a weight and resistance training program. In these cases, a percentage of 1RM may be used to develop target load levels for measuring and/or improving things like muscular endurance (typically 75-90% of 1RM.)



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