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Posted Jan 01 2011 12:00am

HAPPY 2011! I had a great new years eve. Dinner with the fam then off to a party with friends from high school. It was a great night.

I woke up this morning checked my on favorite blogs while eating some oatmeal with almond butter ( out of one of those squeezable tubes) . I didn’t take a picture, sorry!

I’m not too sure how I feel about almond butter…its very grainy. Do you like it? What do you eat it with?

ANYWAY I went to the gym today after finishing up some more packing, and eating this orange ( GAHH I LEAVE FOR ISRAEL TOMORROW!!!!!)

here’s what I did at the gym:

about 50 mins on the elliptical

3 mins on the stair stepper

and weights

Overall it was definitely a good work out ( I’m sure gonna miss working out when I’m in Israel but we’ll be hiking and walking EVERYWHERE… that should be enough to get my exercise fix.) I noticed the gym wasn’t that crowded which I found strange since I figured new years resolutions would bring everyone there. Maybe the hangovers were keeping them in bed :)

Was your gym crowded today?

I came home and did some school related stuff with my mom and I had some plain greek yogurt with a tsp of honey ( sooooooo goooooooood)  and carrot chips

I also had a tbsp of peanut butter and a couple slices of apple ( that gym sesh wore me out!)

Later, my mom made an unexpectedly AMAZING dinner.

I started off with a small feta, tomato, spinach, and cucumber salad

Everyone else ate chicken but since I’m an  EH HEM… LACTO-OVO-PESCOTARIAN.. or a vegetarian that eats seafood… I had tilapia with mine.

In the mix was stewed tomatoes, peppers,spinach, marinara sauce, rosemary, and authentic olive oil that we get from a special place in town. It was a great success. I ate every. last. bite.

THEN, we all watched a movie called Mary and Max . It was the winner of the Sun Dance film festival a few years ago in Utah. It was all done in claymation and the story line was a little dark but it was also funny. We all loved it !

After that, I attempted to make Hot SILK chocolate soy milk, but we didn’t have enough left sooooo I thought adding water and coco powder would help. Ehh.. not so much.

I opted for a about 3 tablespoons of coolwhip. Still hit the spot♥

WELP, I’m pretty much done packing. I’m off to read some blogs and relax. EARLY MORNING CYCLE CLASS TOMORROW!!!

have a good 1-1-11 errybody!


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