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003. Giving myself a chance to breathe.

Posted Sep 28 2010 9:48pm

I’ve decided to cut myself a little slack on the “whoo! go healthy lifestyle” front. Not because I care any less than I did before–in fact I still care just as much–but because I’m just so stressed about every other little thing going on in my life (not seeing my husband for a few more days, the big move to Japan, packing everything before the move, leaving my family, etc.) that concentrating and honing in on my eating habits and exercise just drives me batty right now.

I have a tendency to go overboard when I do everything, so this is no different. In general, I will either count every. single. calorie. that enters my body or go hog-wild and eat everything in sight. I know neither of those is the right answer for me and somewhere in between lies a healthy balance. So in between now and September 1 (when I plan to get back to eating clean and incorporating exercise in again) I hope to realize where that balance is for me. I know in order to lose weight I basically have to count calories, but when I am finally at my goal weight I’d love to find a solution where I can live sanely and not obsess over calories.

Any opinions on that from you out there?


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