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001. A fresh start.

Posted Sep 28 2010 9:48pm

As my life begins a new chapter, it seems only appropriate to start a new chapter blogging, as well. If you are keeping track, I’ve been [info] mudpuddle7 (in high school) and [info] prozacdelusion (in college). I graduated from college with a degree in journalism in the beginning of May and I’m moving to Japan to be with my husband in only a little less than a week! Yes, that’s right. I got married at the end of May and I’ve been having a blast this summer with J, my husband, before he left for Japan this past Saturday.

At this moment, I’m packing up the life I’ve known for the last 22 years into boxes and storing them at my parent’s house until J and I move back to the U.S. for good. That could be a year from now, but if all goes as planned, that will most likely be three years from now.

Starting over, I’ve never felt more clarity, focus, or determination in my life. The last time J was in Japan (two years ago for three weeks as a study abroad trip) I was in a totally different place–I was feeling down on myself because of my body, I was miserable that J was not around, and mostly I was lonely and living alone in a foreign town for a summer internship. What a difference two years can make! Today I’m totally happy, though it would be nice if my husband was around, and almost completely comfortable with the person I have become. Through healthy choices, like completely changing my lifestyle, I’ve lost all that weight that was holding me back (over 55 pounds), I’ve discovered how to be happy even when I am not surrounded by others, and I am daily coming to terms with the fact that I will always be clinically depressed, but I can live one day at a time and be happy.

So, bear with me as I settle in around here and figure out exactly what direction this blog will take. I know it will be my personal blog, as my blog about Japan and all that our lives there entail can be found here . I’ll talk about the areas of my life and the people who are important to me. There will be some health and fitness ramblings, some artsy-fartsy stuff, too, I hope. And just the things that I enjoy.


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