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ZuZa Compression Socks – with running updates

Posted Aug 31 2013 12:56pm
There is something you should know about me: I am very careful with my money.

I am the type to keep track of a budget and buy certain items only when they are on sale.
However for the past year or so I have been considering buying compression socks to use after my long runs when training for half marathons.

I recently purchased my first pair of compression socks at a fitness expo, and am happy to report that they were well worth the money!

The person selling me the socks was actually the lady who designed them. She was very helpful in answering my questions and very patient with my indecisiveness in choosing a pattern. Check them all out here .

The brand of compression sock is ZuZa from Lunatik Athletiks. The site describes their socks as:

“Our graduated compression stockings are manufactured in conformity with ISO 9001, ISO13485, CE, FDA and GMP graded facilities with recognizable quality assurance certificates and seals. The importance and functionality of compression socks have only just been recently discovered in the athletic and sporting world. Compression socks have been used for many years in the medical field to assist and speed recovery.”

You can read more about the company here .

So far I have been really impressed with how my legs have been able to recover after my longer runs. I am up to 18km training runs for my upcoming half marathon in October. When you pair that with the rest of the day running around doing errands you get sore legs. But when you add Zuza compressions socks to the equation you get legs that still have a spring in their step.

I know this post sounds like a sales pitch, but it really isn’t. I really am honest to goodness (do people still say that in real life?) impressed with this product.


Are you careful with your money? Have you tried compression socks? Which is your favourite pattern?

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