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Zumba Zumba, Shake Your Booty!

Posted Nov 18 2008 5:58pm

Hi everyone!

First off, Zumba was great! I danced for about 11 years (a couple years on point and other years on the school dance team and whatever) and just loooove that kind of workout. It totally brought back memories of high school dance practice— especially because the class itself was in the same room that my high school dance practice was almost 10 years ago! We had practice once a week at my gym because they have a huge room with wood floors, perfect for dance. Weird to be dancing back there so many years later! :)

There weren’t many people in the class since it is so new at my gym and I was a little confused at first since I’ve never done that style of dance before, but I caught on quick and it was a great workout— I burned 420 calories in an hour dancing by booty off! A nice change from the elliptical for sure!!

When I got home, Betty had left out some salmon that she had made earlier for dinner…..score! I had a healthy piece of it on top of an entire spaghetti squash (!!) and had some raw carrots on the side with some more of my olive sundried tomato hummus.


This was the perfect meal because when I eat dinner late like this, I like to eat lighter. I HATE going to bed with that awful full and bloated feeling, and eating too heavy of a meal at night actually causes me not to be able to fall asleep! Since I plan to continue doing these fun gym classes and working out at night like this, my dinners probably will continue to be on the light side and I’ll just increase my afternoon snack so I have more fuel to get me through the evening. The salmon piece I took was monster sized and I ate about 80% of it but I finished all my delicious squash, broccoli and hummus.

And then I had a SCM cookie for dessert (along with sugar cookie tea with agave)!


I got everything done that I wanted to this afternoon! Laundry, bible study, packing my lunch for tomorrow, roasting my spaghetti AND butternut squashes for this week, catching up on all my emails and blogging. Nothing like a productive afternoon to ease myself into humpday! :)

I’ve gotta hit the showers and get into bed now so I have time to read my new book. I love war epics and romance sagas and this book so far is not disappointing me. It reminds me of The English Patient, one of my favorite movies of all time!

….I’ve got a bigger breakfast cookie waiting for me in the morning (I used 1/2 cup oats this time to make it a bit heartier!) .

See you tomorrow!

ps—- I want to encourage others that might feel intimated to do gym classes to get out there and try one! For YEARS I felt intimated by them, and for that reason stayed out. I was worried people would think I didn’t know what I was doing…..I would be lost the whole time….I wouldn’t get a good enough workout….people would stare at me…. Mainly a confidence issue I suppose. However, now that I have finally taken the plunge, I realize that everyone is just concerned about themselves and their workout and no one cares how you look or what you do!  It’s a new fun thing and I encourage those that haven’t tried one at their gym to do so…you might actually like it!

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