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Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes 150 Fast and Simple Healthy Recipes from the Bestselling Authorof the Zone and Mastering the Zone

Posted Dec 04 2010 5:41am

Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes 150 Fast and Simple Healthy Recipes from the Bestselling Authorof the Zone and Mastering the Zone

Barry Sears got a lot of attention–and royalties–with his diet books The Zone and Mastering the Zone. Sears believes that the food you eat is one of the most powerful drugs you will ever encounter, and a lot of people get fat and sick using food in misguided ways. Sears believes that using it the right way can lead to increased physical stamina, sharpened mental focus, and a reduced likelihood of developing chronic diseases–and you’ll probably shed unwanted pounds along the way. Sears calls for a diet based on “hormonal thinking,” not the usual calorie counting and fat measuring. Some of the rules of the diet are eating small meals throughout the day, having some protein at every meal, always eating the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables, and taking cod-liver oil. To make all of this as painless as possible, Sears has created 150 “Zone”-perfect meals that are easy to prepare and require little planning.

4 Stars Quick, Tasty, Healthy, Zoned
This is a book of quick, tasty, healthy, Zone-appropriate meals for beginning cooks or people who take cooking as such to be a purely utilitarian exercise rather than a means of personal artistic expression. I am at a loss to read all the negative reviews. I am particularly struck by those who say the recipes don’t taste good (they’re lovely), or who complain that there are too many vegetables (the Zone is *supposed* to be loaded with vegetables! That’s a major reason why it controls hunger and packs high nutrition into few Calories! Indeed, one of my complaints with

Zone Meals in Seconds: 150 Fast and Delicious Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (Zone (Regan)) and a lot of Atkins books is that they too far from such principles, going for low-glycemic grains or Atkins junk food that fit into the narrow macronutrient requirements, but aren’t as healthy or filling.

I do wish there was more detailed nutritional information; and, to be fair, the person who said that the ratio between eggwhites/egg substitute and vegetables in the ‘omelettes’ is a bit skewed is probably right for most recipes unless you’re a master omelette-folder; personally, I’m quite happy to make these as scrambles instead.

5 Stars Zone Perfect Meals In Minutes
This is the second time I have purchased this book. I loved it the first time. I enjoy the flavor in the recipes. And, if you are following the diet plan, you really can lose weight.

3 Stars May be helpful
This book is a good book but is really only useful if you have mastered the information in “Enter the Zone” by Dr. Sears.

5 Stars feeling better
This book is full of easy things to cook and eat, in portions that are ment for maximum health benifts.

3 Stars Great
I honestly haven’t even cracked this one open. I’ve looked through the pages to see if anything sounded appealing. Several things do I just haven’t had the time to sit down and really go through this one.

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