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Posted Dec 07 2009 7:47pm

Thanks for all the well wishes and understanding as I took some time off from the blog! We had a wonderful weekend in Arizona. Friday was spent with my family and Saturday was devoted to Bobby’s co-workers and holiday event. He works with some really great people and we both had a nice time. The weather was a bit chilly – by AZ standards – but we weren’t complaining. Especially when we were greeted by a dusting of snow upon our return to Chicago. Hello winter, how are you?!

The most blogworthy meal of the entire trip was by far our family visit to T Cook’s for Sunday morning brunch. We arrived at the Royal Palms Resort and were greeted by a beautiful entryway.

Isn’t it lovely that there is somewhere on Earth that has mountains in the background of nearly every photo? I know there are many places in the world like this, but Chicago is not one of them!

The place settings inside where just as beautiful as the outside…

The restaurant boasts a review from Zagat that says, “…marvelous Mediterranean creations and the professional staff make the trip here a must for out-of-town guests and lots of locals alike.”

While the buffet was tempting, our family ultimately decided that we each wanted to try an entrée. But to start, I had some delicious coffee.

Which quickly turned into Coffee Cocoa when my brother ordered a gigantic pot of hot chocolate.

No matter where you go, there’s always room for makeshift Coffee Cocoa :mrgreen:

There were many mouthwatering entrée options to try, but ultimately I decided to go with the Green Eggs and Ham (Sam I Am), a three-egg omelette with basil pesto, prosciutto and Parmesan cheese. It was served with pork sausage and fresh fruit.

This was a savory sensation. I kid you not, I am slightly drooling just remembering it as I type this post (a wonderful image, I know). The saltiness of the prosciutto complemented the strong flavor of the Parmesan and basil pesto to bring three levels of flavor to otherwise “boring” eggs. Muy bien!

My mom and dad both decided to go with the Lemon Brioche French Toast served with a house made chicken sausage and more fresh fruit.

My mom offered me a bite of her toast and it was definitely a new twist on what I’m used to. The lemon gave it a nice zing of citrus that was definitely present and may not be for everyone. However, I did like it with a touch of maple syrup and the dense chewiness of the brioche bread. Trés bien!

Bobby and my brother got the buttermilk pancakes with blueberry compote and vanilla scented whipped
cream. Unfortunately, they ordered all the goodies on the side, which made for a boring photo. Oh boys…why must you be so picky? ;) They were very fluffy and looked tasty!

In other news…

It’s the holiday season and I am…overwhelmed. I have yet to even start my holiday shopping and with several gifts on my giving list, I am at a loss as to where I should even begin!

Do you have any gift ideas to share? What is on YOUR holiday wish list?

My family is always the most difficult to shop for so if you have any ideas, send them my way! I’m also participating in the Bloggie Secret Santa. So excited for my blogger to get her gift. I’m going to shop for it this weekend. I still remember my delicious gift from Sarah last year. What a great blog tradition! Thanks to Heather and Danielle for leading the fun.

Be back soon with some chow – I actually cooked today :shock: Score one for the foodies!


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