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*YuMmy ChoCoLate Shake!!*

Posted Apr 18 2010 12:00am
*:.Hello Guests!*:.

Thanks for joining us in Millie's Kitchen again this evening! For those of you new to our blog, my name is Heather and my blog is named after my dog Millie, who is my companion 24/7 and especially while I'm creating something tasty in the kitchen! This blog is dedicated to my passion for health, and my pursuits in the field of health. I believe in consuming natural foods that sustain us, keep us healthy and prevent disease. As a future Certified Nutrition Specialist, I started this blog to help others like you and create a community where people desiring a healthy lifestyle could share tips, ideas and ask questions in this "kitchen".

I'm also dedicated to educating about many falsely advertised "health foods" on the market today that are possibly causing multitudes of health issues, preventing people from maintaining their optimal energy levels and weight, and filling their minds with false information on what is healthy. My passion comes from a personal history with health, a current journey with health, and a spiritual guidance of eating an organic, plant-based diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and that TASTES amazing. This blog is also dedicated to encouraging others on the foods that will make them feel their best -so that's you my friend!

This blog is dedicated to YOU- my guests, my readers. I will always provide fresh, tested recipes that are my own, that are from my own kitchen and that are truly healthy for you. Nutrition information is always provided as well as fun tid-bits that teach you about the foods you eat! Links on helpful products and resources are also availble.

*IF YOU'D LIKE TO ACCESS OLDER POSTS, PLEASE DO SO as much great information and recipes are provided. Simply click on one of the archives to the right hand side of this page, which divides past posts up into months.

Okay, so now on to the fun part!

As a vegetarian, I can tell you our most common question we get asked, is "Where do you get your protein!??" People assume that just because we don't eat chicken or throw down a hamburger occasionally that we're not getting our protein. "Eat some meat!" I have more people say. I won't go off on my vegetarian soap box about how its better for our bodies, our planet and for our animals when we eat vegetarian, but I will tell you where I get my protein! I've practically become accustomed to this question when telling others I'm vegetarian, so its understandable:)

I tell people that what they don't know is most plants have
more protein than animal sources do- they're just unknown. For example, did you know 1 kiwi has 7 grams of protein??? An egg only has 6! Another great example is beans- beans have 9-14 grams of protein in 1/4 of a cup!! Most people eat at least 1 cup in a serving, so that's almost 36 grams of protein in one serving. Most leafy greens are also rich in protein as well as calcium, magnesium and Vitamin K.
Nuts are a great source of protein, with around 6 grams per 1/4 cup. One steak or one piece of chicken has roughly 15-20 grams in a large piece.
See my point?

Now, here's one of my daily, regular sources of protein that provides all the essential amino acids, which our bodies CAN NOT produce own its own: Hemp Seed. This little magical seed is NOT from the same hemp as a the popular drug! Its part of a different part of a plant that is RICH in protein. We're talking 14 grams in 4 tablespoons!!
*Hemp Seed from Nutiva is also free of soy allergens, and isolates which create allergenic reactions in the body - these are found in almost ALL commercial protein powders today!*
When eating hempseed, it should ALWAYS be organic and raw. Seeds that are inorganic and cooked are void of nutrients and at risk for pesticides. Most hempseeds on the market are already organic or raw, but none of them are as tasty as these little babies:

I personally enjoy the hempseed powder. I like to mix it in my protein shakes with veggies and fruits. One of my latest obsessions is the new line of shakes out by Nutiva brand.

*There are three different flavors, featuring Chocolate, Amazon Acai, and Berry Pomegranate. I first tried the Amazon Acai and LOVED it. It features acai berries which are a superfood loaded with nutrients and amino acids along with vitamins an minerals good for joint health, anti-aging, mood, digestive and heart health. It also features brazil nuts which are a rich source of proteins and nutrients like selenium which are great for your thyroid! Plus, it features the main product: Hemp Seed Protein ! This stuff is excellent for keeping us strong and healthy. It tastes great! Acai tastes like a mixture of blueberries and chocolate to me. This shake is excellent blended with some ice, a little almond or coconut milk and a handful of fresh berries or a banana!

*If you are a regular at Millie's Kitchen, you know I LOVE my chocolate-I eat it everyday, multiple times (100% cacao or raw cacao for the most nutrients) but eat at least 70% dark each day and you'll be doing just fine:) I just like the HARDCORE chocolate-no sugar or anything needed!! *
*CHOCOLATE IS RICH IN Maganesium, Iron and Copper!- These are essential for muscle health, brain health, mood health and for energy ! Plus, Chocolate features a natural seretonin effect that sends feelings of happiness and sedative properties to the brain while also giving a mild stimulant result. I have chocolate in the morning, afternoon and at night in some form or another!:)*

So after I tried the Nutiva HempShake Amazon Acai , I had to have the Chocolate and Berry Pomegranate flavors too. Now, I can't PICK my favorite! The chocolate features hemp seed, chocolate ( organic fair trade), and razon nuts which have a mocha-like tastes without the caffeine. Its simply deLISH!

The Berry Pomegranate features a mix of all types of berries like blueberries, gogi berries, strawberries, pomegranate, acai and more! Its excellent. I Like mixing the chocolate and the berry flavor for a yummy, YUMMY taste.

The following recipe features my favorite tastes and an excellent nutrition foundation for health. This makes a great morning meal, post workout replishiment or nightly meal as well! Try it! You won't be disappointed:)

Berry Yummy Chocolate Shake

2 tbsp. Nutiva HempShake Chocolate powder
1 tbsp. Nutiva HempShake Berry Pomegranate powder
2 tbsp. shredded organic coconut or 1 tbsp. raw organic coconut oil(coconut butter)
1 tbsp. raw organic almond butter( or just use regular almond butter if you don't buy the raw)
1 cup coconut or almond milk or 1/2 cup almond or coconut milk and 1/2 cup water
2 ice cubes
1 banana
1/2 cup berries ( I like blueberries)
1 tsp. cinnamon (optional but really adds a great mocha-like flavor)

Topping: and

*Place the milk in the blender, then the fruits,the nut butters, the hemp powders and the cinnamon if you like cinnamon. Last, add the ice. Blend until a thick milkshake like drink is formed. Pour into a glass and place it in the freezer 10 minutes to get it good and cold.
Remove and top with ground flaxseed ( DO NOT BLEND the flaxseed because once you do it turns rancid if you don't consume it immediately which is toxic-but if you drink it without freezing it, feel free to blend it first . I like like mine REALLY cold and creamier).
Drink this with a straw or straight out of the glass!:)

To buy Nutiva Hempseed, please check out the search bar over to the right


These protein powders are inexpensive and will last you a LONG time. I use mine everyday and only have to buy about once a month!

They're easily accessible in stores, or on the web.

Check them out today!:)

* Remember- a life without chocolate is no life people!* Eat healthy foods that are whole, and not laden with sugar and unhealthy additives. When you do that, you can eat what you want, when you want and live a happier, healthier life:)*

Heart and Soul,

:.*Millie Lou:.*

Images courtesy of , AOL images and Millie's Kitchen of course!:)
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