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Your Teen Wants To Spend Time With You

Posted Oct 02 2012 7:00am
Retro Parenting

It may be hard to tell with their one words answers, the rolling of the eyes or the stomping of the feet as they walk up stairs but believe it or not, teenagers do want quality time with their parents.  Opinion Research Corporation conducted an online survey of 1,250 teens and adults and according to it about 67 percent of the teens in America want to have some more time with parents.

This survey revealed that teens say it’s the small things that they would like to do more with their parents. Simple things like taking walks, sharing meals, playing games, watching TV and talking more with each others. They also say-and parents agree-that they’d like to spend more time as a family planning for the future.

Most parents are faced with many demands for their time, ranging from careers, to their own hobbies, to potentially caring for their own adult parents.  All  of these things can take away from the time they might otherwise spend with their teenager.   Unfortunately,  it is very easy to lose focus on spending quality time with our teenagers when parents are consumed with other things.  It is  so important to remember that even though teenagers are nearing adulthood, they still require our hands on parental involvement.

Here are some tips for even the busiest of all parents on how to spend more quality time with their teen(s):

Remember quality is more important than quantity. Even if you spend just 30 minutes with your child one on one — playing games, taking walks, having long bedtime chats, or just snuggling in front of the TV, spending time with your child shows them that you value their company.  Family activities are great for getting a teen involved, but remember that they may need one-on-one time. Time where they can spend with a parent doing with  no pressure .

Find an activity you both can do together. It could be something as simple as walk, bike ride or a round of putt putt golf.  You can also  sign up for  a sporting or exercise class like basketball, swimming or Zumba.  Even cooking is a great activity that you can do with your teen. This is productive and is a great way to spend quality time with your young adult.  Show your teen that you value your time with them and that you are willing to learn new skills and enjoy things with them.

Start a weekly Movie Night ritual. What teen doesn’t enjoy a good movie?  Why not take turns choosing a movie to go see, rent or watch online or on TV?  This is a great way to spend time together doing something fun and movies are also a great way to open up conversations about topics that may be hard to talk about with your teen.

The time that you  spend with your teen gives them many benefits.  It will provide your teenager  with feelings of love, support, security and safety.  As well as strengthening the parent-child relationship, one on one time between parents and teens can significantly decrease teen behavior problems. Keep in mind that while  teen may now show their appreciation as much now as we would like, that the memories of time spent together will remain with them for years to come.

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