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Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50!

Posted Dec 22 2011 11:09pm

Finding yourself singing carols as you walk the streets and madly bash out work before a few days off right now? Or is that just me? If you see a slightly mad woman dashing about singing loudly, you’ll know it’s me. Please do say hi! wlEmoticon smile7 Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50!

image thumb5 Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50!

Not so much of this kind of chillin’ happening right now… wlEmoticon winkingsmile Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50!

If you read my blog post earlier this week you’ll know we are kicking off January with a fantastic, thorough 21 Day Guided Juice Cleanse called Get Juicy , hosted by myself and the inspirational Philip McCluskey.

We are so excited to have an amazing global community of like minded folks registered for this 21 day journey. They are ready and willing to have the experience of a lifetime, one that will provide seriously improved health, crazy amounts of energy, clarity and natural joy and balance in your mind, body, emotion and spirit. In short, you will be transformed in ways you can’t even imagine right now, and it will be BLISS icon smile Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50! .

The early bird special offer to save $50 on the normal price for the cleanse up until and including on Christmas day expires in just 2 days! If you haven’t yet committed to your own health and happiness, this is the time to do it. NO more excuses, reasons why you can’t do this….they are all excuses and of course you CAN do this! You can do anything at all you choose to do. Yes, you have that much power. You’re unstoppable…if you decide to be. Click here to get started !

There’s also a special offer of get $50 off for each person you refer who signs up, and we’ll even pay you if you get more sign ups than the amount you paid!

We have been getting some great questions and today I want to share some of them with you as they are extremely helpful for any cleansing you might be doing, with the Get Juicy program or otherwise. Enjoy the information and have an amazing holiday if you celebrate!

freshfennel thumb1 Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50!

Q. Can I keep up my exercise routine when I cleanse?

A. You can most certainly do normal fitness when doing a liquid cleanse with juices and blended foods…in fact you will likely find you have more energy for this. Some days it will be important to rest more, others you can enjoy even more exercise. It is a matter of listening to your body’s needs and signals, and they are never more clear than when fasting and cleansing! This is one of many beautiful aspects of intelligent cleansing – the clarity!

Q. Can I start the program later than the 2nd of January, finish later or finish earlier?

A. Absolutely! However many days you can do is wonderful. If you are travelling, have a commitment or anything else you feel might hinder you doing the cleanse on the exact dates it will be guided, you can just start and finish on the dates right for you. You will not impact your success or results at all. It’s just a matter of doing it. There never has to be an all or nothing approach to this…it’s just what works best for you and you feel is right for you at the time.

Q. Can I make my juice in advance and how should I store it?

A. Yes, you can make your juices and blends in advance. You can make them a few days ahead and freeze them and defrost them for the day you want them. You can use a masticating juicer which preserves more of the integrity of the juice and that will last perfectly well for a few days in the fridge. Blended foods vary in their shelf life but making enough for a day or two at once is great.

You can even make all your juices for the day in the morning (this is a great strategy for many reasons!). You can store them in air tight containers (ideally glass or stainless steel) filled right up and kept in the coldest part of the fridge or take them with you in a cooler bag.

Green drinks thumb Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50!

Don’t worry too much about being enzymes and nutrition being lost in your juices and blends. You will be consuming so much superior nutrition in your liquids over the cleanse and in such wonderful quantities that having some juices that aren’t as perfectly preserved as you’d like them really won’t impact your results. The key is allowing the digestive system to rest more than it normally does and release huge amounts of old toxic waste from the body!

Q. When does the $50 off special offer end?

A. The special $50 offer is available from now up until and including the 25th of December. A nice holiday gift! You can also save your entire program investment, and even earn money, if you have friends, family or colleagues who you refer and sign up also. You simply go ahead with your registration then email me their names and we’ll be sure to refund you $50 per person.

Q. I am a mother of three small and active children (which is why I love the idea of a program to give me more energy!) and my main concern is that previously when I have detoxed I found I had several days of feeling lethargic, irritable from sugar withdrawal and basically difficult to deal with anything extra.  Obviously that is not an option with 3 kids.  You mention several tips will be provided to avoid some of these sensations: is this still a viable option for my situation?  Or would the juice/blends option be better?

A. Carefully transitioning into the cleanse by eating cleanly for a week leading up to it with juices, smoothies, soups, salads and some cooked vegetables will help to ensure your body is ready for (and has started) the cleansing process. This will ensure you can cope with the detoxification occurring and your elimination channels will remove the waste drawn up more effectively so you don’t feel overly tired and symptomatic. You might still feel a little low energy the first couple of days but if you transition slowly and start with juices and blends rather than straight juices, you will prevent your body getting overwhelmed in its attempt to rapidly detoxify you, which causes those symptoms.

Also, it is absolutely critical to get regular colon cleansing either through professional colonics or enemas at home. This is what makes all the difference in how you feel and if you do this you will feel truly phenomenal, energetic and clear…your kids won’t be able to keep up with you! This is usually what people DON’T do and why you hear of those dreadful “detox symptoms”…that’s not actually detox happening but detox attempting to happen. Once the waste comes out of you, particularly via colon cleansing, then you have detoxified and you feel sensational and continually more so!

Q. I’m going to sign up for your 21 day juice fast tomorrow, but wasn’t sure what equipment is needed. Blender, juicer, masticating juicer?

A. You won’t need any fancy equipment to start this cleanse with us, but you will need a basic juicer at the very minimum. There are juicers ranging from less than $100, to those over $3000, so don’t be intimidated. We find that a basic centrifugal juicer to start with works great. We recommend the Breville brand.

If you already have a high speed blender but no juicer, no problem. You can blend your ingredients together then strain them through a nut milk bag, piece of cheese cloth, muslin cloth, or even a paint thinner bag or pantyhose! We will show you how to use them when we get started (not so much the pantyhose wlEmoticon winkingsmile Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50!).

Got some other questions? Please email me any questions you have. You can rest assured that you will be completely supported and nourished every step of the way.

Click here to register for Get Juicy and secure your special savings !

Happy holidays – drink lots of juice, eat salads, get some movement and fresh air in, chill out and give yourself and others plenty of love. You are Love after all wlEmoticon smile7 Your Questions On 21 Day Juice Cleanse Answered + Last Chance To Save $50!.



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