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Your Life Doesn’t End When You Become A Mom

Posted Oct 04 2012 2:39pm
Retro Parenting

You life does not end when you become a mom. Perhaps you should repeat that last sentence, several times. Okay, do you understand that simply because you became a mom doesn’t mean that your needs are non-existent?

Too often I’ve heard the following words muttered…my life is over, I no longer have time for ‘me’, I can’t go out and have fun, I’m a mom now and on and on and on. On the contrary, you have begun a new chapter in your life. If you think of life as a book of lessons, it may be easier to accept. Just as you were once and infant, then a toddler, then a pre-teen, teen and finally an adult, your life continues with different chapters and lessons contained within them. Motherhood is a new chapter that many are blessed to enjoy. I wish I could say all are blessed to enjoy but it’s simply one of the many blessings we have in this world. Whether you have children through adoption, surrogacy, natural or choose to have pets, the point is that it is a new chapter and you must continue to grow. 

The thought that your life is over with this new chapter will only ‘paralyze’ your thought process. Instead, understand that it’s a gift given to you to enjoy and you can still make time for you. Actually, time for you is essential to not only for you and your sanity but also necessary for those around you. When you make time for you; you learn to appreciate those around you and your life in general. Again, you must look at it as another chapter where you create new memories. 

As moms its important to realize that your children won’t be young forever. In a blink of an eye, they’ll be grown up and you need to enjoy this time. It’s absolutely true. You need to cherish these moments with your children and you also need to cherish time to yourselves. Being a mom should never be an excuse for not enjoying some of the adult things you enjoy in life. Yes, there will be some sacrifices, but sacrifice it all and you’ll be a stressed out, grumpy mess. That’s not good for anyone. 

Perhaps these are all reminders for you and what I’m sharing is not the latest breaking news, but who says you shouldn’t be reminded? Friendly reminders are necessary in order to keep you ‘in check’ and focused. Don’t look as being a mom the end of your life, but a new beginning. Don’t get so caught up on the lives of your children that you neglect yourself and your significant other. Oh yeah, remember your significant other? He may be feeling the same pressure and stress you’re experiencing. Communicating and sharing your feelings is necessary for a healthy relationship. 

So again, does your life end when you become a mom? Absolutely not! Whether planned or not, it is a new chapter and a new beginning of a story of your life..enjoy it!

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