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Your Hunger Is Not An Emergency

Posted Aug 04 2010 7:00am

During a recent conversation with one of my Your Nutritionista Consulting clients, we discussed the idea that hunger is not an emergency. At least, not for us. It’s often simply a feeling that comes and goes, much like an itch. Consider this next time you’re “hungry”:

  • Hunger is a feeling. It’s not always comfortable, but it’s not fatal.
  • There are plenty of feelings much more uncomfortable than hunger.
  • Hunger is not the same as a desire to eat.
  • Hunger is not the same as starvation. Usually, we are not, in fact, starving (though we may say we are!).
  • You can learn to tolerate hunger better. It just takes practice.
  • The feeling of hunger comes and goes. It usually only lasts for 5-10 minutes before fading a bit.
  • If you turn your attention to other things, your hunger will probably diminish.
  • Going along with that, you can respond to hunger in ways other than eating.

So next time you feel hungry, especially if you ate recently or don’t have access to healthy foods, think about the above points before you chow down! Consider whether you’re hungry or just “hungry.” Want to learn more about understanding your hunger cues? Contact me !

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