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Your Healthy Food Choices Are Part of Health Care Reform

Posted Jun 17 2009 10:02pm
Instead of waiting for the government to fix health care, many people are taking control of their well-being by making healthy food choices.

In addition to being one of the owner/operators of, I write about healthy nutrition in Massage Magazine’s Whole Food Blog, contribute to as a nutrition expert, post on my own blog, High Fiber Food Is Good For Your Mood, and share my knowledge as the Phoenix Healthy Food Examiner for

Can you help me tell others about the power of positive nutrition? I am asking people like you who are aware of health and nutritional issues to share this information with others. I encourage you to click on any of these links and forward them to your friends or relatives, so that they may also learn about the power of sound nutrition.

Here are a few healthy food topics for you to get things started:

Quality health drinks are more valuable than health insurance for the rich and famous - World-class athletes and famous actors often consume superior products, such as health drinks, that simply aren’t found in the usual places. Learn how to find the best healthy foods and drinks for your fitness. Read more...

High fiber foods for natural weight loss
- Oprah Winfrey often features Dr. Oz on her show talking about high fiber foods for a healthy diet and natural weight loss. During one program, Dr. Oz described an experiment where a group of people ate 11 pounds of raw fruits and vegetables for 12 days. The results were surprising as cholesterol levels dropped 25%, blood pressure fell 10%, and each participant lost about 10 pounds. Read more...

Calcium supplements simplify pH balance - It is extremely challenging for even the most health conscious person to reach the recommended proportion of alkaline foods to acid forming foods each day. That recommended ratio is 80% alkaline foods to 20% acid forming foods. While most people eat plenty of acid foods without even trying, it takes some conscious effort to consume more alkaline foods. Calcium supplements offer an easy way to boost alkalinity in the body. Read more...

Nutrition for athletes and live enzymes go together - The importance of live enzymes in nutrition for athletes cannot be overstated, "In short, virtually nothing happens in the body without the help of enzymes", says Ellen W. Cutler, co-author of 'Micro Miracles'. For the body to function at full potential, experts agree it is a good idea to load up on nutrition for athletes with live enzymes. Read more...

Sotomayor soup recipe
This healthy food is in honor of Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sotomayor. It’s based on a traditional Puerto Rican soup typically made with pork. This vegan recipe calls for green plantains molded into shapes resembling meatballs. The other main ingredient is gandules, a favorite of Sotomayor. Read more...

Remember, the food you put in your mouth either builds your body up or tears it down. Make it healthy food that provides real results.
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