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Your Frequently Asked Question: "What Should I Do First to Kick My Sugar Habit?" See Yourself Free.

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:11pm

One of the very first questions that most people have when they want to stomp out their pesky sugar habit is: "What's the very first thing that I should do to kick or cut back on sugar or refined carbs?"

After conquering my own horrible habit in 1998, inspiring thousands of "sugar sufferers," and studying or receiving input from many medical and self-actualization experts, I've found that the most important first step is to see yourself free, feel your sugar-free success, and happily revel in it.

Here are 10 easy, effective tips and tactics to help you to begin to break free:

1. Congratulate yourself that you want to sever sugar's hold on you. Yes, really pat yourself on the back! You see, many sugar addicts, I've found, beat up on themselves for having eaten so many high-calorie, nutrient-poor sweets over the years. Instead, I contend, they should be excited about their goal, much like a runner is who is at the starting gate. So begin right now to lavish some praise and much-needed applause on yourself for beginning to tackle this sugar-kicking project, whether it's in through a letter or poem to yourself or in a heart-to-heart conversation with a really good friend or loved one, who will support you in your endeavor.

2. Begin -- and go through -- your day with the firm belief in your heart that you can finally lick this annoying, unhealthy sugar habit. Know without a doubt in the depth of your being that you will accomplish this. (If you're having some trouble believing this, then move to Tip # 3.)

3. Create a sugar-free affirmation or mantra that rings true for you. You could go for something simple like: "I am free of this sugar habit." Perhaps you'd like to try: "I succeeded! I am free of sugar cravings." Or you might like to try: "I only eat healthy, nourishing foods." And if you want to peel off some pounds, you may wish to say something like: "I, [your name], choose only nourishing foods that will help me reach my ideal weight."

4. Repeat your mantra. State your sugar-free mantra out loud at least 20 times in the morning, 20 times midday and 20 times in the evening. You can even repeat them either inwardly (if people are around) or out loud (if you're alone) whenever sweets or simple carbs "call out" to you.

5. Write down your mantra. Put pen to paper and jot down your mantra at least 10 times a day. As you write, feel yourself actually licking this pesky habit.

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