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You Have The Power To Change It

Posted Sep 09 2013 8:32am
You have the power to change it

You have the power to change it! Change what, you may be asking? Anything and everything!

If there is something in your life that you don’t like – you have the power to change it!

Instead of whining or complaining, it’s time to take some action. Let’s face it, no one enjoys being around complainers or whiners so don’t become one of those people. Set your complaining aside and determine what it is you don’t like and make a plan to change it.

When planning a change, understand that it won’t happen overnight, hence the planning. Make a realistic goal and stick to it. You and only you can accomplish the goal of change. 

It’s wonderful to have supportive people in your life, however, all the support in the world will not make the change until YOU take the first step

I’m sure you’ve read this or heard this before, so what are you waiting for? At some point you will have to take the first step. All the planning, plotting and dreaming is over! Make the change today!

Need some suggestions to get you started? 

Put aside the Monday blues – Instead of dreading Mondays, switch it up. Think of Mondays as a start of a brand new week, which it is..and decide to make a difference. Forget what happened the prior week or even the prior day and START FRESH. Wake up to up-beat music and be determined to have a GREAT day!

Use music – I love music and it can either motivate you or bring tears to your eyes. Crank up the happy tunes and get up and dance. It’s amazing what lively music will do for your mental attitude and soul. Don’t shake your head…crank it up and get up!

Avoid the naysayers – Surround yourself with happy, positive people. Believe me, they exist and although they may seem annoying at first, their positive energy will rub off on you.

Eat fresh – You will be truly amazed at how crappy food will make you feel crappy. Instead of grabbing a cereal bar in the morning, reach for some fresh fruit. Your body and mind will rejoice! Keep it on hand to avoid the sugary snacks. Start transitioning into fresher fruits and vegetables and you will notice a huge difference in not only your attitude but your energy levels as well.

Fresh air – Get up and go outside, no excuses allowed! Enjoying the fresh air, whether it is cold or hot and muggy is essential for your mind. Not only will your mind enjoy the air but your body needs it too. We were not meant to be indoors 24 hours a day. Make time to go outside, even if you have to pencil it in your planner or plug it into your electronic device, do it!

Quiet time – Whether you pray or meditate, make sure to slow down and enjoy the quiet. Yes, it is possible to find some quiet time and you must include this in your daily routine. Slowing down and enjoying the peace is essential to eliminating the negativity that can house itself in your mind and spirit. 

Find what works best for you and make the change today!

You have the power to change whatever it is you don’t like in your life. You have the power to change your attitude, change your lifestyle, change your eating habits, change your sleep patterns, change your environment, change it all. Now…you must BELIEVE it! You can do it!



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