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You Ask, I Answer: Whey Low

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:00pm

scope My mom swears by a product called Whey Low.

It’s a sugar substitute that contains sugar but is low in calories since it is not absorbed by the body.

It seems most people don’t know about it, though.  Have you heard of it?  Is it legitimate?

– Natasha (last name withheld)
Raleigh, NC

Whey Low, advertised as “sugar made healthy”, is a ’sugar substitute’ made of sucrose (table sugar), fructose, and lactose.

Gee, no wonder it is “guaranteed to taste like sugar” — it IS sugar.

Why, then, does it claim to contain 75% fewer calories than sugar?  According to its creator, “the three natural sugars (simple carbohydrates) that comprise Whey Low work synergistically in the small intestine to interfere with the normal absorption of each other into the bloodstream.”

Huh?  This makes absolutely no biochemical sense.

If you take that concept one step further, then a milkshake comprised of chocolate milk (sucrose AND lactose) and a banana (fructose) contains only a quarter of the calories we believe it does.  Dare to dream, folks.

Furthermore, how, exactly, does a company patent the not-too-imaginative combination of three sugars?

It’s also slightly suspect that all clinical trials on this product have been performed by its parent company’s laboratory.  Why not ask an objective third party to validate the results?

After whey-ing the evidence (more like lack thereof), I am not at all convinced.

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