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You Ask, I Answer: Modified Corn Starch

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:01pm

What do you think of (modified)cornstarchshowing up on ingredient lists?

I know high fructose cornsyrup is extremely concentrated in sugar and causes insulin spikes making one more prone to hunger/consuming more calories… what aboutcornstarch?

I see this in a lot of foods and in Asian cuisine it’s used as a thickener in a lot of sauces.

– “Jenninat0r”
Via the blog

Modified cornstarch is basically an inexpensive way to keep tabs on moisture levels in a variety of foods.

It is mainly used as a gelling agent, as well as to ensure correct textures in foods that are frozen and then microwaved.

You will also generally spot it in fat-free (or reduced fat) dairy products as a thickening agent.

From a nutritional standpoint, it is harmless and, really, a “non issue.”

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