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You Ask, I Answer: Dark Chicken Meat

Posted May 18 2010 5:18pm

20090106seared_chickenWhy is dark chicken meat less nutritious than chicken breast?

– Stefania Pereyra
(Location Withheld)

It isn’t, really.

Yes, dark chicken meat is slightly higher in saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken breast.  However, dark meat still provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals (some of them in higher quantities than you would get in chicken breast).

As I always like to remind readers of this blog, though, dietary cholesterol does not have as much of an impact on blood cholesterol as trans fats and saturated fats from red meat and dairy.

A commercial muffin may be cholesterol-free, but if it is loaded with trans fats (as most of them are), it is much worse for your cardiovascular health than a roasted chicken thigh.

Frankly, I wish people would care more about what the chicken they are eating was fed and how it was treated at the farm it came from than whether or not there’s an extra two grams of fat in the thigh.

If those were the top priorities though, though, 99% of chicken consumers would think twice about ordering sliced chicken breast over their Caesar salads.

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