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You Ask, I Answer: Dairy/Weight Loss/Body Temperature

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:01pm
I went to an acupuncturist who told me that my metabolism is partially slowed down because my liver temperature is too high.

He also suggested I cut out all dairy from my diet to lose weight.
Is any of this true?

-- Name Withheld
New York, NY

The question you just read was left on my voicemail by a dear friend of mine, whose name I am not revealing. I did ask her permission to post her question on here, though.

When she called me, she was at the supermarket buying soymilk, following her acupunturist's instructions.

Now, look, I do not have any issues with acupuncture. I respect it and am not quick to dismiss it as "quackery."

What I have a real problem with, though, is people without any sort of nutrition background freely -- and irresponsibly -- doling out advice that is rooted in absolute fantasy.

Also, since acupuncture is not regulated in the United States, anyone can call themselves an "acupuncturist," (in the same way that anyone can call themselves a "nutritionist") thereby discrediting what is an Eastern practice with tens of thousands of years behind it.

In any case -- internal body temperature is the same throughout the body. If your body temperature is 98.6 degrees, then so is your liver.

If any organ is at, say, 102 degrees, then so will the rest of your body.

In that case, you would know it -- and feel it: it's called having a fever.

Metabolism and weight loss has nothing to do with "cooling down" heated internal organs. Maybe your acupuncturist should dedicate himself to writing science-fiction novels.

Onto the dairy question.

Some people believe dairy products promote weight gain, others think they are helpful weight-loss tools.

I say -- it all simply depends on how many calories you are consuming from dairy.

If someone who eats 2 slices of cheesecake a day is asked to remove dairy from their diet, it is very likely they will lose weight because they are no longer having that rich, calorically dense dessert.

Any time you remove foods from your diet and either replace them with something lower in calories (or don't replace them with anything), you will obviously lose weight.

There is absolutely no evidence that removing dairy from the diet is beneficial for weight-loss purposes.

You could go the rest of your life without a sip or morsel of dairy products and still consume excessive calories, thereby gaining weight.

Note: My friend has three more sessions with this particular acupuncturist. I have asked her to keep me in the loop of any future nutrition "advice" she is given.
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