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You Ask, I Answer/Celebrity Diet Secrets: Colonics

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:02pm

I often read about celebrities (i.e.: Jennifer Aniston) using colonics as a weight-loss tool. Are they a good way to lose 5 pounds quickly, which you can then keep off with dieting?

– Tiffany Polder
San Francisco, CA

How coincidental! I was planning on publishing a posting on colonics when this question arrived in my Inbox.

I wonder if Tiffany and I were both thinking along the same lines after catching an insepid Vh1 special on celebrity diet secrets where, among other things, they shared that Kate Beckinsale, Ben Affleck, Demi Moore, and Madonna are big fans of colonics (a process where a gallon or so of water is flushed into the intestines via the rectum, which supporters believe helps cleanse and purify internal organs).

I find colonics to be unnecessary and not at all useful for weight-loss purposes.

Much of their reputation stems from the fact that after finishing a colonic procedure, people find they immediately dropped four or five pounds. Guess what? It’s all water weight. In other words, once they go home and eat and drink like normal, all that weight is gained right back.

Remember, water weight is not lost, it is just temporarily gone.

It’s also important to note that we carry beneficial bacteria in our colon that act as immune barriers to a variety of pathogens. Since a colonic flushes both the good and the bad out, people can be susceptible to a variety of illnesses and infections for a few days until the helpful bacteria re-establishes itself.

Since some of these bacteria are responsible for the production of Vitamin K, it is sometimes advisable to take a Vitamin K supplement after getting a colonic.

Successful weight loss is attributed to adopting healthy habits like portion control and choosing nutrient dense foods, which a colonic does not teach you.

If you are concerned with ridding your body of toxins, eating your recommended amount of fiber, staying hydrated, and cutting back on added sugars and saturated fats will do the trick.

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