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You’re Up to Bat!

Posted Aug 24 2010 8:09am

Since I last left you with my sensory ramblings , there are several things that have happened.

First, I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife . All of you who gave me a good recommendation were spot on – it was fantastic! The intricacies of the writing and plot line kept me eagerly coming back for more, so much so that it may have ever-so-slightly debilitated my productivity for three days straight. ;) However, it was such a roller coaster of emotions that it was worth it. The strength of the love story made me blissfully happy…and the ending had me curled up in a ball on the couch with tears streaming down my face. I love when a book has the power to push so many different emotional buttons!

I’ve heard from several different people that the movie is heartbreaking. That it breaks too much from the book and leaves you disappointed. I must admit that I probably will end up seeing it, if only because I love Rachel McAdams as an actress. I will be sure to let you know my thoughts when I do.

Second, Bobby and I attended a beautiful wedding in Wisconsin over the weekend. The celebration was for one of his co-workers. The colors were a gorgeous red and black, which I later discovered was thanks in large part to a certain collegiate affiliation after I saw the groom’s cake.

I loved the black swirl pattern, which was incorporated throughout with the invitations, wedding programs and reception hall decoration. It was a very fun night.

When the last song was over, a big group of us headed back to the hotel by shuttle. It was interesting – and thrilling – when someone brought up a valid point.

“At the beginning of the night, you two were on deck. Now you’re up to bat!”

As the summer winds down and wedding dates are fewer and farther in between – I’m looking at you, Elise – Bobby and I really are the next couple among our friends to tie the knot. It didn’t hit me with its full force until one of his co-workers connected the dots for us. I love it when a few glasses of wine and a good baseball analogy can do that for you. ;) This week, I’m traveling to Arizona for my final dress fitting (squee!) and to put together the programs, guest book, menus, etc. A full wedding decor detail post is in the works!

Last but not least, since I left you…I have been eating.

I know, I know. It’s shocking. But I couldn’t wait to show you a sampling of what I’ve been eating with. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a representative of Oneida (Hi Laurie!) to receive a sampling from their Chef’s Table collection. Imagine my surprise when they sent me four each of the bowls, salad plates, dinner plates and mugs! It was an absolute dream come true for a bride-to-be.

I’ve been using these bowls to create beautiful cereal and yogurt creations for breakfast, as well as an unexpectedly warm lunch of split pea soup, which I craved in my cold apartment yesterday.

This was Amy’s lighter in sodium variety, which I topped with her sister, Olivia’s , croutons (they are not actually sisters but it would be cool if they were) that I received as a sample recently. These were the Vermont Cheddar & Dill flavor and blended seamlessly with a mix of Mexican cheeses.

It was a melt-in-your-mouth feast that made me ready for fall, my favorite season!

For dinner, I stepped back into summer one last time. This will likely be one of the last Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salads I enjoy from Panera for the season. Le sigh. They are wonderful.

All in all, since I last left you, life has been filled with flavor. I’m continuing to embrace the little things and enjoying every moment. I hope you are, too!

And with that, I broke the first rule in Susan’s post on Writing Tips for Bloggers . Too many topics! I hope you’ll forgive me. ;) Check out that post, too. No surprise that it is very well written.

Hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday!

Question: What are you most looking forward to about September?

I am looking forward to cooler temperatures, my wedding shower and bachelorette party (two weeks away!!!!) and Bobby’s birthday. It promises to be another busy month!


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