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Yoga Fitness at home!

Posted Jan 06 2010 7:00am


I was talking to my friend Dan (he’s in his mid-60s) and we were discussing how his daughter Jessica (she’s in her early-mid 30s) was a yoga instructor in London and how she embraced the practice with a lot of passion.

I remember telling Dan how incredible it was that the practice of yoga had exploded so much since the late 1990s. He corrected me and explained that there have been many resurgences of yoga and he still remembers the 1960s and 1970s where everyone seemed to be doing some type of yoga practice or another.

I thought this time it might be different, but it just might be because I had no recollection of the 1960s and 1970s yoga movement.

I first tried yoga in the mid-90s because my ex-Parisian-husband had decided at the time that he was going to master yoga.

I have to say he stuck to the practice for a long time and he was really good at it and seemed to enjoy it a lot. I on the other hand could never wrap my mind around the whole “calmness” of yoga because every time I practice yoga I always felt restless and for whatever reason my mind seemed to kick into gear the second I walked into a yoga class. Each pose became an opportunity to think of the million-and-a-half things I had to do.

I tried so much to let myself go, but I never could and just stopped practising yoga for a while. I remember the studio I used to go to the owner was this serene woman with a soft and calm voice. She was always beaming and seemed to never have a care in the world. She’d invite us for tea after the class and I remember attending a few workshops at the studio where a bunch of super-serene people sat on the floor closed legged and soaked in the gospel of the speaker.

I would leave those workshops always wondering what was wrong with me? Why could I not calm my mind? Why could I know radiant contentment like my professor?

I personally think it’s because I had not yet found the right yoga practice for me. There are many types of yoga and it’s not until I discovered hot yoga (aka Bikram yoga, which works toward wellness, restoration and rejuvenation) that I was able to relate to my super-severe teacher.

>>> I enjoyed hot yoga so much that I had to write about it: Hot yoga is great to increase flexibility!

The challenge of doing yoga in a room that was heated at 37 Celsius, 100 F was a challenge I wanted to take on and in the process I was finally able to appreciate the practice of yoga and I was finally able to leave a yoga studio feeling like I was floating on air.

Yoga is a great practice, but not the most cost-effective because you have to pay per class or for packages that can easily run into the thousands of dollars for the year.

If you are looking to start integrating yoga into your lifestyle for fitness or simply to reduce stress, this series of yoga exercises designed for you to do them at home is a great place to start.

>>> The Yoga Fitness at home series includes these lessons:

* Yoga Breathing – Richard Freeman

* Yoga for Emotional Flow – Stephen Cope

* Yoga Wisdom – Georg Feuerstein

* Yoga Matrix – Richard Freeman

* Yoga Chants – Richard Freeman

* Download Yoga Workouts in MP3 Format

* Introduction to Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa

* Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers

* Viniyoga Therapy for the Lower Back

* Viniyoga Therapy for the Upper Back

* Yin Yoga: The Foundations of a Quiet Practice

* Yoga Link: Core Integration

* Yoga Link: Hip Helpers

* Yoga Link: Shoulder Shape-Up

* Yoga for Beginners: Desi Bartlett

* Yin & Yang Yoga: Simon Low

* Flow Yoga for Beginners: Shiva Rea

* Radiant Heart Yoga: Shiva Rea

* Yoga to the Rescue: Feel Good from Head to Toe

* Yoga on the Edge

* Jivamukti Yoga: David Life

* Kundalini Yoga to Detox & Destress: Maya Fiennes

>>> Just click on arrow to check out The Yoga Fitness at home:

Click Here to Shop for Downloadable Yoga Workouts for Your iPod or Computer

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