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Yoga Challenge: Day 17

Posted Mar 19 2009 6:25am

Becca A

I slacked on yoga this weekend as well but I was in a hotel room…I haven’t done any official yoga sessions the past few days but have incorporated yoga poses into my post-run stretches.


My goal for the second half of the challenge is just to recommit myself, since I also slacked this weekend.


Goal for yoga: Do even more during the day when I need to just stretch and relax and not just “save it” for yoga time.


I haven’t been commenting on the Yoga Challenge because by the time the comment post goes up I’m still at work and I usually haven’t gotten my yoga workout in!

But I’ve been playing along!

I’ve loaded up on Yoga DVDs, mostly Rodney Yee. This week I’m committing to A.M. Yoga everyday!


Yesterday was the first time i didn’t feel “into” my yoga. I did 20 minutes of detox because i had been eating and drinking poor the day before. However, it didn’t seem to help. I was tipping over and just felt blah.

I am still having trouble with my balance and hope to really work on that during the second half of the month.


Back Bay Yoga offers “community classes” on the weekends, which you can attend for $5… a great deal! Good luck with the rest of the challenge!


I think my goal for the 2nd half of the yoga challenge will be longer sessions. I’m going to Dl some Gentle Hatha sessions, and try a more “power” type yoga too


I don’t get why anyone does Bikram. Yoga is already sweaty… why would you Want to make it even more uncomfortable and on top of that, surrounded by even more sweaty, smelly people??? EW.


@Jennifer: It sounds like an amazing experience to me! I’ve never tried it- have you?


my goal for the second half of the yoga challenge is to not miss any more days and take a couple classes too! i just got a wii fit, and i’m really enjoying practicing poses with it so i’ll add that on to my daily yoga as well.


I once stepped into a room where Bikram yoga was about to take begin. I was hit by the wave of heat and thought, this is GROSS, and very quickly left.


My goal is to fit in 5 classes a week and 2 yoga session with my husband and/or kids on the weekend!!


Day 17: Challenging 70min of Sadie Nardini’s Fire Detox

this Yoga challenge is wonderful! Although I’ve been doing yoga/pilates everyday even before this challenge, I have never kept track of it. Now that I do, I feel more productive as I look back on the record! ;]


i would try baptiste power yoga before bikram. i have been practing for 5 years, i started at baptiste in cambridge, and took a bikram class for the 1st time recently and it was the single worse yoga experience i have ever had. the teacher bordered on abusive! baptiste is also heated but it more of at your own pace than bikram and the poses are more familiar. just a thought!


My goal - continue to do yoga at times other than in the morning!


Today was back to some gentle hatha after the power yoga yesterday. My goal for the second half is to be more varied in my practice and incorporate different poses and postures that I may not have done as much.


I would try Baptiste over bikram - both are nice but Baptiste has more variety and you can go at your own pace. Be careful, the heat can you give you a false sense of flexibility which can make you overextend yourself, thus getting injured.


Tina, I’m interested to see what you think of bikram! I’ve been taking yoga for about a year and a half and first tried bikram in January. I love it!!!! I go several times a week and a friend of mine is also hooked on it now.

A tip - At first, the heat might freak you out…try to get there early - I usually arrive 30 minutes early so I can relax and acclimate to the room…I think this really helps. Also hydrate prior to going. Good luck!!


on Mar 17th, 2009 at 5:23 pm [edit]
My challenge for yoga is to do a Bikram yoga class. I guess my ultimate challenge is to try to fit yoga in everyday. It gets hard though.


Hey Tina! Hope you’re having a great day, I just had to comment on Bikram. I think you’ll like it. I just started taking classes last week to supplement my running both because I never stretch as much as I should and I heard it was an amazing experience. I love it! I definitely recommend water and don’t be afraid if you feel dizzy for a lot of the class, it’s normal. Also, it is true the teachers are typically kind of harsh like an above commenter said, but it’s because they are trying to push you past your comfort zone, which is the point of Bikram. I hope you like it, definitely give it a try, you feel so good after! Oh, and all the poses are very basic poses that you don’t need to be familiar with before you go.

Katie R

I’d like to take a real live yoga class too! I’d also like to find other yoga DVDs that are strength challenging (as opposed to crazy flexibility challenging).

Today I did ~25 minutes of free flow yoga..planks, downward dog, warriors, half moon, awkward chair…and more! Fun!


My update is a little late - that’s what I get for doing yoga before bed Tonight I did the Gentle Hatha #1 from Yoga Downloads. Very relaxing and just what my body needed after all the running I’ve been doing. I also had a stomach ache when I started and by the end of my 20 minute session, it was gone!

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