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Yes! You Can Home School Through High School!

Posted May 12 2011 10:05am

It's amazing the remarks and comments I still receive to this very day regarding homeschooling. Many who know us, know that we home school our children and have been doing so for many years. So, yes I am bewildered when they are shocked to see another child graduating!

Yes, it is possible to home school your child from kindergarten through the high school years. You do not need particular qualifications to home school your children unless you count in patience and organization skills. The amount of curriculum and learning tools available today make it possible for any parent to home school their child if the interest is there. Notice the word - interest?

It is extremely important to be interested in schooling your child at home, not merely because your friends are doing it. It is important to inform your child the reasons that the decision has been made as well. My teens still ask for the opportunity to attend a traditional school setting but when I explain the pros and cons they understand why homeschooling is the best choice – for us.

Our homeschooling environment is not composed of strict rules such as time frames and multitudes of useless and time consuming projects. Instead we factor in our daily activities as learning tools that they will take with them later in life. Yes, we teach the basics of reading, math, writing along with history, science but we also add in home economics, logic, bible studies, money management, music, sports and more.

Most importantly the bond that is built cannot be overlooked. Homeschooling through high school is not as difficult as it sounds. Again the resources available are what have saved us through these years. If you are hesitant it is best to do your research. By research, I mean ask other home schoolers in your area. There are many home school communities being formed daily as well as online assistance. There are home school parents that group together and take turns teaching subjects they are familiar with which is very helpful as well.

Your high school home schooler can also enjoy dances, proms and graduation ceremonies and not feel like an outcast because they don't attend a traditional school setting. They can also get involved in local school sports as a home schooler so that is another option for you as well. We are in the process of graduating child #2 and he will be participating in a graduation ceremony with cap and gown and receive a beautiful diploma just as any other graduating senior. So as I started this post, yes – you can home school your teen through the high school years with a bit of creativity, persistence, love and patience. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Make a plan with your child
  • Make a list of courses/credits necessary to complete high school
  • Choose the courses together
  • Don't forget to sign up for standardized testing such as SAT and ACT
  • Find local support groups
  • Join local home school groups
  • Get involved and enjoy this time together

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