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YELP Elite Event: Veggie Galaxy

Posted Nov 29 2012 7:30am

Good morning! Last week, on Thanksgiving Eve, I bundled up and headed over to Central Sq. in Cambridge for a Yelp Elite event . It has been a while since I’ve been to one so I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and trying out new food.

Yelp’s Pigless in Space was a vegetarian themed event and held at Veggie Galaxy , a vegetarian restaurant and vegan bakery. The majority of the time when I eat out I don’t order meat so I was looking forward to trying a new place that catered to the veggies in the area.

When we got there the restaurant was already packed full of Yelpers and friends. The restaurant has a 50s diner feel and all the servers were dressed up to fit right into that era’s vibe.

Oh, and just to note, my photos from this night were pure crap. I’m not sure what happened but I certainly didn’t do the restaurant or the food justice.

We grabbed a few drinks and snagged seats at the bar/countertop. This move would eventually be the downfall of us trying all the food offerings, but at the time it seemed perfect. We could watch the cook’s do their magic and see all the goings on behind the counter.

Cambridge Brewing Company was also on hand offering up pints of their Great Pumpkin Ale. I’m not a huge pumpkin beer fan, but this one definitely is a keeper. There is definitely hints of pumpkin and spice, but it isn’t heavy or overdone. Still light and crisp.

Once the food started to come out we realized that we had made a serious tactical error. We were right in the middle of the restaurant. Unfortunately at these types of events a lot of the food is passed around hors d’oeuvre style. The food was coming out from around the counter and there was a crowd just surrounding that spot. We tried to throw bows to get some food and were successful a few times, but not every single time. Ugh.

One that we were successful in trying was the Reuben sandwich. Yes, we had to split the bite we were able to get, but I could still tell that the sandwich was outstanding. Their version contains grilled shaved seitan, green cabbage ‘kraut, swiss cheese and house-made Russian dressing. It was everything a Reuben should be.

Doesn’t that look appetizing?! Minus –5 for poor photo skills.

At this point I heard rumors of mac & cheese being brought around. I tried and tried and tried to get some but no such luck. Apparently it was some of the best mac & cheese people have ever had. Or so I heard.

Next up was a Vegan Meatball on Swiss Chard. This reminded me of something I  might make at home. Only better. I loved the addition of the swiss chard mixture with the meatball. It felt hearty and healthy.


Around the time I was finishing up the meatball a tray of beer battered tofu passed me. I wasn’t nearly as quick as I should have been and I missed out. I drowned my sorrows in more Great Pumpkin Ale.

I did enjoy an unpictured Chipotle Black Bean Burger as well. I just ate it too fast to take a pic of it. When you go on a regular day to eat at Veggie Galaxy they have a variety of burger styles to choose from that go with either a black bean burger or a mushroom chickpea burger. I need to get on that chickpea burger!

The last round of food to come around was dessert. I had very little hopes for this vegan bakery and I was proved wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Happens all the time!

There were cookies, some type of fudgey brownie thing, milkshakes, and the most amazing Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Butter Frosting. Ack. I could have downed the whole platter.

I left knowing that I had found a new restaurant to love and also a nifty pair of fingerless YELP gloves.

Yes, they say “YELP LIFE”. Yes, that is a big ol’ streak of mascara on my finger in the left photo. Apparently I rubbed my eyes one too many times at the event. I can only imagine what a hot mess I must have looked like.

I realize that the above makes it sound like I didn’t get enough to eat (I did) or that I didn’t get a real chance to try the food (I did), but honestly…I would totally go back to Veggie Galaxy! It is in a convenient location, tons of variety, and great tasting food! Carnivores won’t miss their beloved meat dishes and Vegetarians will be so thankful that they don’t have to worry one bit about whether or not something was cooking with chicken broth or contains bits of bacon. But what I really liked most about this vegetarian restaurant is it’s attitude towards the food that they serve.

This is directly from the Veggie Galaxy website and sums up perfectly the approach towards food that this restaurant says they have and how the vibe felt too.

In my mind, the fact that we don’t serve meat or seafood is and should be a footnote. An afterthought, seeing as the goal of this Chef is to provide people with full flavored and balanced dishes, regardless of the use, or in this case, lack of, meat and seafood.

I want to emphasize that this isn’t food for Vegetarians. This is food for everyone, and food that the Vegetarian community can feel comfortable knowing that every ingredient, every dish, every single component is available to them, with no limitations or substitutions needed. And for the Vegans? Yeah, we’ve TOTALLY got you covered.

If you are in the Central Sq area, definitely give Veggie Galaxy a try. Make sure you order that mac & cheese and report back to me on how good it is! Oh, and take better photos than I did. ;)

Veggie Galaxy
450 Massachusetts Avenue
Central Square
Cambridge, MA 02139


Thanks to everyone for entering The Meat House gift card giveaway! The winner is Erica!

Please email me at with your mailing info and I’ll get the gift card out to you ASAP!

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