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Xuan Jie suddenly uttered a strange sound

Posted Dec 07 2012 7:23am
No one perceived cheap nfl jerseys each gun Liaodao to the a gangster.
    After paying a heavy price, and finally some of the culprits crossed the Hulu Kou, toward the Grand Courtyard has killed in the past, but their number is too small, approximately less than 300, quickly rushed out of Shou The army surrounded the two sides launched face-to-face hand-to-hand combat.
    Xuan Jie suddenly uttered a strange sound, it seems is ordered to initiated counterimpulse, and she saw about three or four hundred suddenly riding facilities gunmen condescending to the enemy launched a counter-assault from trenches inside crawl out. They have been replaced weapons, holding the hands of all are one meter long Burmese iron scimitar, seems down Tigers like insertion bandit group, swords staggered suddenly Xuerouhengfei. suddenly riding facilities melee kung fu is obviously powerful than guns , less than ten minutes of work, the remnants of the culprits eliminated clean.
    cheap nfl jerseys frowning, pay close attention to the movements of the enemy from the telescope, he understands that the first batch of the culprits just die Pathfinder is yet to come, the real attack of the enemy troops adjust bandits table exposed that their infantry began to split, so open the middle of the main road.
    cheap nfl jerseys whispered: Sanger nodded and said he understood himself to organize the artillery fire.
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