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Wow! Unsolicited Rave Review of My Book SUGAR SHOCK!

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:11pm

I just had to share this with you. This absolutely awesome recommendation just came to my KickSugar group from a newcomer there, who found the group after reading my book S UGAR SHOCK!

"Dear Group,

"Reading Sugar Shock! is a watershed event that started with this book. I've felt tired, had the blues, out-of-control with cravings, humiliated, lackluster, and FAT for years now. To sum up Connie's book in a word: WOW!

"No other book I've read on it (starting with Sugar Blues in the 80s) has motivated me to get off the junk.

"Coincidentally, I serendipitously picked up her book at Barnes and Noble when I went to get another book that didn't pan out. But hers did.

I" write health newsletters for work and hope to use (and crediting the source*is that okay, Connie?) some of the information that's in the book. I usually put "adapted from (book) by (author)." Please let me know!

"The author's generous offer to refund seems to genuinely reflect conviction and belief in the subject matter.

"I really appreciate interaction with an author --[this is] a rare opportunity.

"I've recommended Sugar Shock! to a co-worker who is having trouble with her daughter's emotional and physical health. I offered to loan it to her, but she wanted her own copy. I was relieved as I'm rereading it now and have marked it all up anyway.

"My grandsons (ages 10 and 7) live with me and, believe it or not, now relish fruit for dessert.

"Disclaimer: LOL, no, I don't know the author and am not being paid for this endorsement. But it's that good and seeing that someone may be misunderstanding the intent of the author, I was prompted to speak up. I haven't had many life-changing and life-saving books, but this is definitely one of them.

"I had colorectal cancer eight years ago and have had a bit of a helpless feeling before. Last year I became vegan with hopes of preventing it again after reading The China Study. This year, I feel even more empowered by becoming sugar-free.

"THANK YOU, CONNIE, FOR HAVING WRITTEN THIS BOOK! It has the potential of, as you say, `being on the cutting edge' of saving millions of lives. That is not an exaggeration, IMO.

"I wrote a review on Amazon because I'm a frequent customer, but since I bought it at Barnes & Noble, it's [only] fair that I write a review there, too. : ). This book deserves more than the usual five stars, that's for sure.


I know I'm a writer and journalist who is supposed to come up with clever quips and comments, but I'm simply speechless. Thank you so very much, Pat! I truly do hope that this book helps you to break free!

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