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Would you eat in a fast food whose concept is eating healthy and which offers healthy food? How many times would you eat there?

Posted by gagael

 Would you eat in a fast food whose concept is eating healthy and which offers healthy food? How many times would you eat there? per week/ Day
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 Well, I would say it depends on the rstaurant ( if you trust in their preparation of food and the way they grilll and breaze chicken, then no problems will be facin ) I agree with  Plantatrian ♥ he said " What we need is better diets rich in fruit and vegetables and plant wholefoods .. 

Well, sometimes I tend to eat fast foods eventhough that I know it is unhealthy, but as far as I know it wouldn't be a problem if you eat 1nce or twice a week fast foods. well, that's my point ♥ Ta Ta 

organicproductsplus ? Where have you studied Nutrition to conclude that low fat and wholegrain are unhealthy? Dairy Farmers HQ? National Beef Farmers Association? With Glaxo? Pfizer? The Weston A Price Foundation? A little clue - People with diabetes, heart disease, cancer eat less if any of these - massive European EPIC Oxford study, Havard,  PCRM, China Study, 7th Day adventist studies, et al et al et al all show that you are wrong to disagree. Don't mistake "low fat" with no fat - what are you some kind of coeliac?

I've searched but I can't find the science that backs up the ubiquitous claim that chicken is healthier than beef - where does it come from? Does it still have saturated animal fat? yes! Does it still provide a dietary source of Cholesterol? Yes! Does it provide natural hormones that occur in meat? Yes! does it provide useful amounts of all the vitamins , minerals, anti oxidants and essential fats sadly lacking in modern western diets no!

As the UK Govt, Oxford University, PCRM research, Dr Esselstyne, and countless other  independent health professionals and medical universities have proven it's not more meat we need in our diet, it's not more cheese, it's not more drugs that we need  What we need is better diets rich in fruit and vegetables and plant wholefoods - -

I think the decision should also depend on the quality of the food.  A grilled chicken breast at a fast food restaurant might be a healthier option than a burger at another fast food establishment.  However, you have to consider whether the chicken is organic, free of hormones, heavily processed, or saturated with sodium.  It would be great if there were more truly healthy options available to Americans who have busy schedules. 
So really it would depend on one's definition of health. I've studied nutrition for over 5 years and I would disagree that "low fat" and "whole grain" are healthy!
The fast food is offering only low fat food, little to no oil in cookin uses low fat in griedients and whole grain... that's our conotation

One World Day

that depends of the definition of eating healthy , one man's bowl of pasta is another man's heart attack See

Hi Patricia, you are completely right about burgers can't be made healthy.

Here is the concept of my Fast Food.

-It does not sell any thing that is not healthy.

-We sell sandwishes mad up of fresh vegitables supplied by the farmer next door.

-Our drinks are smothies and water and juice made from 100% fresh fruits

- we offer sit in menus that comprise of a starte (Salad)  a main course where you have the choice of either chicken, turky or fish; accompanied with steamed veggies as you said and whool rice. the dessert is fresh food fruit made in different ways without added sugars.

the sanwishes are made with whole bread and semi-whool bread.


And its a fast food

So will you or any of your friends or family eat eat in such a place?? 

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