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Working with Raw Meats…Preventing Cross-Contamination

Posted Mar 02 2010 12:16pm
As we all know, bacteria can be found on raw meats when you purchase them. It’s therefore important to not only wash your hands thoroughly when working with raw meats, but also to take precaution not to cross-contaminate other ingredients you may be working with in your kitchen.

My dilemma has always been working with seasonings and raw meat, poultry or fish. I found that by doing a little prepping prior to working with any raw ingredient pays off.

I measure out seasonings I need for a recipe in separate ramekins or small dishes. This way I am able to sprinkle seasonings on or rub seasonings into the raw meat without cross-contaminating a whole container of salt or pepper. My fingers go from the ramekin dish of whatever seasoning to the raw meat and back, touching nothing else until I’m done.

DSCF0026-1 My hands get washed, ramekins get emptied and are placed in the dishwasher and my hands get washed once again. This little bit of prepping has helped me avoid cross-contamination in cooking. Hope this little hint helps you.

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