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Working Out In A Topsy-Turvy World

Posted Jan 16 2010 8:12am
Slacked this week on posting my workouts on CFB, but happy to say that at least I didn't slack on the workouts. I was really pleased to have completed my second full week on a planned exercise regime. It's been 8 months since I've been able to do this, so it's a long time coming!

Decided to work on the incline trainer yesterday but lost my head and started to run intervals a good week before I planned on giving that another try.

The HIIT intervals definitely taxed my vestibular system and ended up needing all of last night to re-coup, but at some level it was worth it. I was sprinting all out and it was nice to see that I could do that and not go in to a full vertigo attack (hence the Topsy-turvy comment).

So, this week panned out as follows:

Sunday: Light cardio
Monday: Turbulence Trainer Hardcore Fat Loss Beginner Workout B
Tuesday: Core
Wednesday: Turbulence Trainer Hardcore Fat Loss Beginner Workout A
Thursday: Light cardio and Core
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: Turbulence Trainer Hardcore Fat Loss Beginner Workout B

Two more weeks on the current Turbulence Training program and then I hope to move on to a more aggressive workout.

My reason for posting these updates is two-fold
  1. It does help to keep me accountable. It's difficult to get thru any given day without experiencing symptoms of the Meniere's disease. I can let those symptoms render me incapable of exercise or I can take advantage of the times I'm feeling well to keep myself moving. I choose the later.

  2. There may be someone reading this who feels that they are unable to exercise for one reason or another. I hope by reading my postings that they realize that they can always do SOMETHING. Get outside and take a walk, turn on Exercise TV and follow along with a yoga or Pilates workout or start with simple bodyweight exercises. Most importantly, start today!
Remember, the journey to better health starts one step at a time!

Train hard; stay strong.



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