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Word of the Week: Appetyrant ap⋅pe⋅ty⋅rant [ap-i-tahy-ruhnt]

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:00pm

H0HHAT51-Group-Dining2-450 ap⋅pe⋅ty⋅rant [ ap -i-tahy - r uh nt]

- noun

  1. Group dinner participant who takes it upon him/herself to order appetizers for the entire table, often without prior consultation
  2. Group dinner participant who, as a result of strict self-imposed dietary habits, limits shareable appetizers for the group to those that exclusively meet his or her dietary needs

Example: Things got a little tense at Mark’s birthday dinner when Steve, ever the appetyrant, made a  strange plea to only order low-carb appetizers for the whole table, which was then followed by a rant on the evils of grains.

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