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Wonder-ful Peanut Milk

Posted by Heather J.

Here's another healthy drink to add to the list, this one created in the back room of K.K. Cafe on Divisadero in S.F. Signs of Wonder Peanut Milk entered the local market a few years ago and is slowly making its way across the U.S. It comes in three flavors: original, chocolate, and strawberry, and tastes like a peanut-y version of soymilk. Proprietor Jack Chang, who also owns K.K. Caf?, concocted the brew in 1999 as a way to enjoy one of his favorite foods despite a severe gum disease that prevented him from chewing them. As he perfected his drink, he made a lot of bad batches but drank all of his mistakes. A few months later, he noticed that his allergies cleared, his cold sores disappeared, and his gum disease healed. He started selling the drink out of his market not long after, and now it's available throughout California with national distribution on the way. This all-natural beverage contains peanut milk (made from water and fresh peanuts), sugar and a small amount of rice, barley, and/or millet, herbs, and natural flavors. It's relatively low in sugar and unsaturated fat, and offers the same good stuff as peanuts themselves?B vitamins, protein, and good fats. Avid fans claim everything from cured diabetes, asthma, and arthritis; its creators credit those sorts of ?wonders? to the ?glory of God.? I just know the chocolate is yummy. Visit for info.
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