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Women Fitness | Fit at 40

Posted Jan 06 2010 3:11pm


I have a real issue (I mean I REALLY have an issue) with people who think that women after 40 cannot be fit and fabulous! It’s amazing how many people believe it’s harder to be fit after 40 than it is to learn Chinese (one of the hardest languages to learn).

The reality is that fitness begins in your mind! You have to decide that you are ready to lead a much healthier and happier life.

It’s true that if you’ve been a couch potato your entire life, it’s going to be quite the steep hill back to a healthy weight and strong body, but it CAN be done (YES, IT CAN BE DONE).

If you’ve been active your entire life and you’ve been conscious of your diet you most likely will find that turning 40 doesn’t change all that much.

I can name a long list of Hollywood female celebrities who look better after 40 than they did when they were younger, but I know there is the bias of “celebrities having enough money to pay for 24/7 services with personal trainers, personal chefs, nutritionist and a legion of baby sitters”. It’s true that the life and lifestyle of a Demi Moore is quite different from that of the average woman. That said, I could name a long list of everyday women I know who are over 40 who have busy lives and kids, but who look smashing!

These everyday women made the decision that they were going to do whatever it takes to ensure they remained at a healthy weight and they kept their bodies strong as they age.

If getting into shape and dropping the extra weight after 40 is challenging to you, there might be an easy solution to help you get a body you love.

The Braun Fit at Forty Fitness Exercise Series was created to get women after 40 into the habit of exercising regularly to keep a strong body and a strong self-esteem as they grow older.

Here are all the fitness lessons you can learn from the Braun Fit at Forty Fitness Exercise Series:

* Fit at 40 10-minute Full Body and 32-minute Advanced Workouts

* Fit at 40 Beginner Workout

* Fit at 40 Beginner/Intermediate Workout

* Fit at 40 Intermediate Workout

* Fit at 40 Intermediate/Advanced Workout

The Fit at 40 is a series of intermediate and advanced exercises that will help you become one of those fit, sexy and confident women who ages well!

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