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With Mrs. G at Mrs. G's!

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:20pm

Today I got introduced to another great healthy food store, Mrs. Greens ! Thanks Mrs. G! (The person, not the store, ha!) Its kind of like a mini version of Whole Foods, but still great! They have the most amazing homemade wraps, burritos and burgers (Bulgar, veggie, etc). It was really hard to decide what to have, but I had to go with Mrs. G's recommendation, the Black Bean Burrito . We split that and a goat cheese quesadilla . This was quite possibly one of the best lunches I've had in a long time. It was all delicious! And really really filling! I almost couldn't finish, but it was too good not to!

We had a picnic/park day with the kids and they're parents this afternoon, no regular school. So all we had to do was sit and enjoy the sunshine and mingle with parents (and each other of course!).

The black bean burrito is on the left and the quesadilla on the right.

Black bean up close. It had black beans, brown rice and cheddar cheese. Can't go wrong with that combo! The quesadilla had goat cheese, spinach and mushrooms, again, you just can't go wrong with that. I'm definitely gonna grab lunch at this place more often! This could be dangerous ;)

Fork shot of the quesadilla with a little bit of everything (cheese, mushroom and spinach)

For desert, Mrs. G and I split this brownie. Again, it was amazing! Best store bought brownie ever! If you like the "half-baked" kind of brownie, you'll looooooove these ;)

Dinner tonight was just something I threw together. When I'm thinking about making dinner I usually ask myself how I can fit in as many veggies into dinner as possible? Tonight I came up with:

1 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes

1 pint of baby bella mushrooms

10 oz. spinach.

I sauteed them together with:

a few cloves of chopped garlic

1 package of 12 Italian turkey meatballs (I had 2 with dinner)

1tbs of olive oil and then put it over a little bit of whole wheat pasta. I also added the last of my reduced fat feta cheese.

Very filling. Very delicious.

Never got around to any of that chocolate last night, maybe I'll have to make up for it tonight?? Hmmm...
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